Friday, 23 November 2007

In Vienna 23.11.2007 before the opera

I am in Vienna, at last. Did not think it would be so stressful. First I almosz missed the airport bus to Oslo Airport. It was not that my bus was delayed... Second. The stress of finding that boarding had already started for my flight, had I known I would not have been so patient in the security line. Running and then when we are onboard, we heard it is fog in Vienna, we will be 50 minutes delayed. And yes we were. 1 hour delayed.

And in Vienna: I thought I had chosen a great hotel, but now I have changed that to a hotel I know how to find. My legs hurts after going a long way, probably in the wrong direction. Now, if the taxi drivers near Westbahnhof had looked more like taxi drivers back home then I would probably be relaxing in Hotel Schönbrunnerstrasse.

More later, now I need to eat. And go to my new hotel. (U-Bahnhof Westbahnhof.....)

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