Sunday, 26 October 2008

Wonderful to live in Norway, except

that the reason this time is that I have a disease that are treatable but not curable, yet anyway, and with Norway's health system I don't have to pay all the super-expensive medicine. Unlike if i lived in USA, health insurance or not. But I still don't like my disease, but it is bearable. Except that on November 3rd I am scheduled for a colonoscopy. But what I really hate and dread is Phosphoral that I need to drink to empty myself. WHY CAN'T They just make something that TASTES OK or even GOOD. So I have ANGST. Colonoscopy can be very painful, but I am sure they will do something to help that. But I have to DRINK to something that TASTES so TERRIBLE that I even decided to just help myself out of the hospital last time I had to take the other sip of that TERRIBLE thing.


I have decided to OK an stomi operation, but it is still the PHOSPHORAL thing that terrifies me. Otherwise I am usually most concerned whether my Chrohn's will hinder me in my Opera Duets TRAVEL. If only opera did not just cure head-ache but fear of drinking that TERRIBLE THING

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