Saturday, 21 March 2009

Life after the operation

Not bad my life after the operation, but not so easy as imagined. I do not sleep well. Not the whole niight through. Still on sick leave which is good for me. Being at my parent's has been good for me but I have not been blogging... Sorry about that.

Now I looking forward to Jenufa in Vienna with Agnes Baltsa as Die Küsterin (Kostelnicka) on April 4. Then later on it will be Tosca with Jose Cura and Maria Guleghina on April 25. After that I have not bought any more opera tickets. But I am looking forward to Oslo in December with Jose Cura in our new, wonderful opera house.Of course I will not wait so long to have more opera experiences...

But just now it is more a matter for me to agree on what this operation has meant for my body. I still sometimes get depressed and think that the operation was not really  necessary and then it gets even more depressing to think that this operation cannot be undone.However, I think that when/if I get to sleep better in the night then my mode will be much better.

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