Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Shark Month: Save the Shark!!!!

I have enjoyed Shark Month on Animal Plane.

So I will use this chance to tell you: SAVE THE SHARK!!!

What is the biggest Threat to Sharks? ....  Soup. Shark Fin Soup. A shark like most fishes can not live without its fins. But humans fish sharks, cuts out the fins and let the shark drown in the sea.

Another threat to sharks? Hatred and fear. From fiction movies like JAWS. Are humans on their menu? No. If we were a shark attack would be 99 % deadly. But it is not. They don't like the taste, so they would often spit us out when they understand that we are mostly bone and very little blubber. Why can we still die? If we were to loose a limb we would loose a lot of blood, and add to it if we are far from hospital. Yes, we can still die from shark bite.

Why should sharks be allowed to live? Sharks have their role in keeping the oceans clean. We know so little about the life in water. So why do we think we know which species that should live.

If we kill the shark do we not kill ourselves in the end. So many species of animals have already died. Mostly because of what we, the humans, do. We don't like predators, we like the cute animals.

You have naturally thought about the famous Save the Whales when you read my headline. We think of whales as cute. They are also predators. But they are cute. Like the Panda. I love the panda myself. Innocent is what we think of it, only eating bamboo. We are forgetting that they are bears and could also be dangerous.

Save The Sharks! and other animals in need. Save the world, too!

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