Sunday, 17 January 2010

Memories from 2006 - Living

I have just looked into the year 2006. Strange what can happen and what you can forget. I had forgotten that in year 2006 I had 2 operations. Two operations in one year forgotten. Amazing. But that is part of me, forgetting Living and remembering Operas.

In 2006 I celebrated Norway's National Day, May 17th, in hospital. I remembered that but not the year. But now with help of mother's memory and aided by Yahoo Calendar I have some facts.

Night to May 11 I started to feel ill. On May 11 I was driven by ambulance to Førde. But I was not operated until May 12th. The reason was that I have Crohn's disease and they thought it was that and not my appendix. So I got a big scar since they thought they need to open me up that much. Luckily I had quite a fever and couldn't care less about getting operated or not. When you have 40 C in fever, you are pretty much in your own world. It was much worse for my mother.

I was lucky that the worst for me was the tubes in my nose that I hated. But then I got out of hospital and felt normal again and I only had to adjust to the scar. Big scar but it became part of me rather quickly. The truth is of course that I could in the worst case have died or like my aunt gotten a serious infection. But I was out on May 18 with only a scar a little bigger than if they had known it was just my appendix ready to burst.

On the bright side: they could just used by scar when I was operated on in February 2009 for my ileostomy. And I only had to adjust to the new normalcy and not bother a thing about the scar.

But I did get a small scar in 2006. My second operation in 2006, you know. My mother was so sure it was in July but I have proof from my Yahoo Calendar that it was in the end of August. But other than that wow did I find out that my ideas about what happens during that operation was kind-of wrong. But I have a great excuse I was not mentally present during my own operation. That would have been so wrong. In that operation they had to work for get some of the nonsense from my endometriosis off me. I thought it was just the ordinary hernia operation. But it was really there I got my endometriose diagnosis.

So the facts of 2006: 2 operations, 21 operas/concerts

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