Wednesday, 20 January 2010

So soon? Wow!

In only 9 days I will be in Zurich enjoying some opera by Richard Strauss and Giuseppe Verdi. I will travel lightly, only backpack and no computer. The computer will just add weight and would I really have time to write something down. Maybe I will use Twitter first. Or maybe not.

I hope to see Agnes Baltsa after the performance of Elektra and I hope this time I will find this opera more enjoyable. But I am really looking forward to Nabucco with Maria Guleghina as Abigaille. Always exciting to see / hear Maria Guleghina although sometimes she can be oddly off. Guleghina is perfect as Abigaille. How will Juan Pons be as Nabucco? I hope he can really give it all as Nabucco. He was not quite there as Seid in Il Corsaro (Zurich December 2009) the critic said. I hope for the best and to see Guleghina and Juan Pons at the stage door after the performance.

My health can sometimes make an otherwise great travel into something else. But then sometimes it is the travel itself that really make me lose energy. So it is always exciting to travel. What will happen. Looking at my Yahoo Calendar I see me waiting for the Swiss counter to open at Oslo Airport so that I can get my boarding card, and I see a long wait at Zurich Airport to get my flight home. And I am thinking, should I try to fly home in stead of 7 hrs bus ride back home. I am still uncertain.

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