Thursday, 10 June 2010

Our Planet is Saved, in fact it never was in danger

I really felt I had to tell you all the news. Even it has nothing to do with Opera, Travel and hardly anything about Living. (OK maybe it has something to do with Living).

All those alarmist scientists are wrong: Our Planet is Not Doomed. Our Planet will go on for ever, or until the Sun dies, or a giant stone crashed in Our Planet.

Our Planet is Saved, at last. We don't have to do anything. It is just this tiny thing. It is really not important. Our Planet is saved but The Human Race is not. But that doesn't matter because our Planet will still be there for many Thousand Years. No longer a Planet filled with Humans but that is really good news for our planet. Why should Our Planet want us. We pollute, we destroy, we kill.

We think the ocean is without end, so we are killing life in our life-bringing water. We think that some animals are not worthy so we are killing not just those species but the possibility of life. We pollute because we don't think it will harm us. But it is harming us and will continue to harm us.

Do we want to change? Do we want to save the future generations?

Perhaps the strongest image that can change how we feel about saving Life on Our Planet is through compassion to other species like the Polar Bear.

Humans don't care too much about other humans, but Animals, yes.

Polar Bear of the World, I salute you. May you live forever and may you save the Human Kind too. (and the rest of the world)

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