Friday, 4 June 2010

No Otello or Edgar for me in June

My favorite tenor, José Cura, is singing Otello by Verdi (Deutsche Oper Berlin) and Edgar by Puccini (Teatro Comunale di Bologna) in June 2010. It is June 2010 and I am not going. But I feel lucky. My ticket for Otello on June 13 is now ready for another person who I am sure will love it, José Cura as Otello and Anja Harteros as Desdemona, they are the greatest gift for an opera lover. No ticket for Edgar in Bologna did I buy, and that is OK by me because I saw it in 2008 and I have the DVD.

I would have loved to go, to both even. If only I did not have to travel. So in stead of Travel in June I will just consentrate on Living my life. I will blog, of course. And I will be watching out for news about opera houses in Europe and the new season and of course news about José Cura, Agnes Baltsa or Josep Carreras. I hope I will be able not only to get great ideas for blog posts but actually writing them down. Of course some times when you write it down the great idea reveals itself as a really stupid one. No need to publish my worst ideas...

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Deb and Kira said...


Can you contact us at Kireanna? We need to get some information to Monica B. about the Sunday performance and we have misplaced her email address. Thank you so much!

BTW, the performance on Tuesday was very good, once you got past the first two acts--they were misguided and way too political for the opera. Once the curtains in the bunks closed and the staging reverted to a more personal, intimate tragedy--magical. Jose and Anja were brilliant.

Take care. think the next time our paths might cross will be in Vienna for Manon Lescaut (if we get tickets!)