Saturday, 3 July 2010

"Almost human" with Paul Curran

This post's title is from Animal Planets "Almost Human with Jane Goodall" and I approve of her message that we should work for a world were chimps and other apes is safe.

- What would be a presentation of my new project, a discussion guided by the opera manager's private experience of sexual organs and sexuality. He tried with this private argument to buckle leg of the project. . This course I perceived as extremely unprofessional and self-centered - and of course the woman hosting. Actually, I have never experienced anything like it, "said Cecilie Ore to Morgenbladet.

- - When I presented my new libretto for the opera, based on seven different types of violence committed against women in the world today, was especially two of them that caught the opera director Paul Curran interest. He began here to argue against two of them with their own sexual experiences. One was circumcision. He boasted of how many men he had slept with, and that this made him qualified to assess that male circumcision was as bad as female circumcision. Anyone who has a minimum of knowledge about the subject know that this is simply not true. There is a reason why female circumcision is referred to as female sex mutilation, and it performed well with a completely different reason than male circumcision. The other type of abuse he emphasized was rape. He believed that one can not expect the men in an extremely agitated state may be able to control their urges, and that it therefore can not be considered an abuse. And again, that I as a woman did not have enough knowledge of male sexuality to be commenting on rape, says Ore

And so the opera director of the Norwegian National Opera rejected an opera by female opera composer Cecilie Ore about women and domestic abuse etc that women experience in relationships. The male view of sexuality is more important than rape of women. I disagree.

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