Monday, 6 September 2010

Pain and soon travel to Zurich?

Since Saturday I have had back pain. It has been on and off. Unfortunately mostly on. Night to Sunday was not something I would like to repeat. It was 12 hrs of pain starting late evening on Saturday and not ending until Sunday morning. And then it started again just in time to ruin an other evening. And now on Monday I had to stay at home, but I did manage a visit to the doctor. I am so lucky it is only a 10-minutes walk away. I thought about going shopping some food and medicine as I were up and going, but even that short distance felt like it would be too much. Beside I have some medicine and food so why bother. Then back to bed after taking the prescribed medicine.

But then it is next weekend. My doctor said if I have fever then don't go. And of course if the pain is already great on Friday evening / night then I will not go. I loved the Munich concert with Baltsa in July but the pain of traveling while having back pain is not something I want to repeat. So I can just wait and see if I will get to Zürich to see Tosca with Maria Guleghina, Marcelo Alvarez and Ruggero Raimondi. A dream team for me. But with pain the dream can become quite a nightmare.

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