Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Donizetti: Il Campanello (The Night Bell)

Finally I found time to listen to this little gem. With Agnes Baltsa as Serafina. Serafina has just married Don Annibale Pistaccio (Enzo Dara). Her cousin Enrico (Angelo Romero) is in love with Serafina and uses the night bell at the farmacy (Pistaccio is a farmacist) and different disguises to make sure no blissful wedding night will happen. Don Annibale will have to travel without his new wife but with his servant Spiridione (Carlo Gaifa). Madama Rosa, Serafina's mother is sung by Biancamaria Casoni. Wiener Staatsoper and Wiener Symphoniker is conducted by Gary Bertini. From 1983.

The opera is in one act and on 1 CD that lasts 56 minute. It does not have the greatest music by Donizetti but the recording is OK. As a Baltsa fan myself I think it was nice and worth it. But it is only audio and I to really enjoy this opera one would need to see it also.

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