Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Only 3 days left - Samson et Dalila in Karlsruhe

I am getting ready to a new trip to Karlsruhe, Germany. I hope it will be a good journey. After all the reviews in the newspapers I am sure I will love this Samson et Dalila.

I will try to travel light. Always in my back sack will be my ostomy equipment. That is just the reality after an ostomy surgery. To have enough  (Hollister) pouches and skin barriers is essential. Skin creams, (Colosplast) skin barrier rings and (Kvinto) SGX Absorbent  are also very important to have enough of. In case of emergency and naturally some is in daily use.

After I have found out how much I am going to need, plus some extra just in case, then I can find out how much more I can have. I never travel without my camera. If my camera is not there, then I have made a big mistake. Of course I will need batteries and recharger. My mobile phone with the charger also, always have to be with me.

I seldom travel without my Ipod. The music must be with me. Since I will travel with night bus as part of my journey I will have something to cover my eyes and my Ipod saves me from noise. This is how I can sleep on the night bus but I really hope the other passengers  will be quiet.

Clothing: I will usually wear what I think I will need but I will have some extra t-shirts etc with me. Umbrella. Yes, umbrella can be a must. And I might have to think about having extra shoes with me. By now my back sack will be full.

Maybe I will take my Samsonite luggage with me. I am only staying in Karlsruhe from Saturday to Sunday so I will not have luggage with me that I would have to check in. Too inconvenient.

Almost ready for the journey. I have booked the tickets (which I will have to pick up at the theater), the plane ticket from Scandinavian Airlines, I have booked my hotel ( and train tickets from Deutsche Bahn since my plane lands in Frankfurt. Of course I have it all printed out and will have it with me in my file folder. Then off to internet to see what kind of weather it will be. But it is very important to print out a map of where the hotel is and where is the theater and here Google maps saves the day (usually). If one can find out what kind of U-Bahn or S-Bahn system and print it out, then it is really good news.

My journey will like this.
Night bus that ends in Oslo bus terminal at 0530. Yawn!!
I will have to take the airport bus or train to the airport. But no rush, my plane doesn't leave until 4 hours later. Good news: I will have time to eat. Lots of TIME. Probably sleepy but there will be no real rest. The sleeping will have to be done while on the road in the bus.

It takes a bit over 2 hrs to get to Frankfurt from Oslo. So at noon I will be in Frankfurt Airport. There I will have almost 2 hrs until my train leaves for Karlsruhe. At 1500 I should be in Karlsruhe. Then it will be my hotel and in the evening opera SAMSON ET DALILA with José Cura.

Sunday in Karlsruhe. My train leaves at 1300 and a little after 1400 I will be at Frankfurt airport. Great. Then my plane leaves at 1740 and 2 hrs later I will be in Oslo airport Gardermoen. I can take bus or train to the bus terminal and my second night bus will leave at 22.

Monday. Somewhat after 5 I will be home. I will be tired but I hope also happy.

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