Sunday, 7 November 2010

Fourteen days till my next travel, and I feel...

Karlsruhe was wonderful but 2 weeks time my next travel to see opera.  And how do I feel?  I got the cold, the big one with cough spells, head-aches, possible fever and feeling tired all over myself. Usually I don't need a lot of energy to open up the PC and go on the internet but in these past days it could take me minutes/hours to get the energy, and then often stopped by just staring at the screen. I tried relaxing in front of the TV but it was so hard and everything was boring and of course the commercial breaks was giving me head-aches. The music from the programs from Discovery, National Geographic and Animal planet was just killing me instead of just annoying me like it usually does. And no commentators voice could sooth my brains because I was sick. It could have been the perfect time for me to read those 7 books about Elizabeth I of England but my head doesn't like reading either not now that I am sick or was sick. And then I have an Ipod but I have not listened to it much. So to wrap that up I can be almost sure than I have had the most boring week. I hate being sick. But I think I am getting better so hopefully I will go to work tomorrow.

Next time I get sick: I want to be able to read and see TV, go on the internet even if I am too sick for work. Naturally if I am going to be sick if hope it will be without vomiting or having pain that no painkillers can kill. I am grateful not have had to vomit this time, hope I don't say this too early.

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dash said...

I am sorry to hear that you are so sick these days. Take good care of yourself!!

Denise Ash.

operaduets said...

Thank you, dash!

I am getting better and better. I just hope I stop cough soon since I want to be able to go to the opera soon.