Friday, 7 January 2011

2011 began with a dentist appointment and hospital treatment

The Holidays are Over. And the pains start up again. I had not only had eczema and pains in hands and shoulders when the eczema went away but a tooth ache.

Then on Sunday January 2nd when I was finally back home my PAIN started an UP tour and made it almost impossible to sleep. I went to work, Tired and with Tooth ACHE all over. My head was not really ready to any work on the PC. Before I went to work I had gone to the dentist to ask for an appointment, and I got one for Tuesday. When at work my co-worker said I should try to get an appointment for today (that was Monday). No luck in the phone. But then I went to my dentist, sat there, cried there, needed pain-killers and I got my appointment. My dentist said it was good that I insisted to get treatment the same day. They are so good and kind there so they understood my crying as insisting to get treatment.

It was good to have a second appointment for Tuesday because that was needed. Thus came the first work week in 2011

Monday 3rd: Work 1 hr, Dentist (waiting 30 minutes, treatment 1hr)
Painful night even with painkillers

Tuesday 4rd: Off from work because of pain, Dentist (2hrs in the "chair")
A littles less painful night but still with painkillers (I felt like a zombie with a numbing pain)

Wednesday 5th: Early up. Taking the bus to hospital for Remicade treatment for my Morbus Crohn. I am better, but the painkillers that I have used still makes me a little tired, sleepy.

Thursday 6th: I have breakfast at the hotel because today I am also going to the hospital and I was tired to take the bus "att og fram". Today I have to talk to a surgeon, a doctor and a nurse about gall bladder operation, and naturally have another blood test just like the day the before. I say yes to an operation, because it seemed to be the smartest option.

Friday 7th: At work. I am normal. I am still a bit tired, but NORMAL.

So now I am ready for OPERA Adventures!!!!!!!!!!111

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