Tuesday, 15 February 2011

In a white dress with a red rose amidst all the vegetables

Andrea Chenier (Salvatore Licitra) wanders into a party of aristocrats. His blue colors are earthbound and as such he is aware of the conditions of the rest of the people in France lives in. The aristocrats dressed in fruity colors are as aware of the conditions as the average vegetable. But I don't want to slander fine vegetables and fruits. When Andrea Chenier sees Maddalena di Coigny (Maria Guleghina) in her white dress with a single red dress attached he sees in her a person with compassion. But as the evening progresses one understand that her compassion is just youth and curiosity but she cares mostly about her self, her dresses, her beauty and love. She has a certain compassion for Bersi (Julia Benzinger) but seem to find it natural that a servant does everything for her.

Everybody loves Maddalena. Even Carlo Gerard (Seng Hyoun Ko). He is the servant of the Coigny family as his father but he is revolutionary and meeting Andrea Chenier hearing the poem he improvises makes Gerard into a real revolutionary that invites poverty into the palace. Naturally he can no longer work there. And then the earth is toppled by the poor people and the aristocrats is fed to the guiliotine.

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