Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Thinking: What is the job of diplomats, anyway?

"Norwegian diplomats working hard to evict Ethiopians in church asylum"

If only it meant working hard to ensure the security of these persons if returned to Ethiopia. But I believe it not.

Norwegian politician' speech to fellow party members using the plight of the Ethiopians and calling they being in a church claiming, hoping for asylum an abuse to thunderous applause. The speech was an abuse. Claiming church asylum abuse is a historical right. The same politician evaded the question of whether she saw the church room as holy.

Norway, my beloved country, why?

Norway boats of its ratification UN Children's right and Women's right. Yet when children and women come to Norway all "we" do is think of ways to evict them. Diplomats may talk to the government of countries that regularly puts people in prison and that often tortures and kills prisons, and when the diplomats get the nod the persons will be safe, they believe. How many has Norway sent out to be put in prison and tortured? And all the time Norway is "surprised". The need of each individual child or woman is not looked upon. If that was done more people would be allowed to stay and the cowardly politicians fears that so much that fair and just process is something to forget. Men's claim of being of a party that is prosecuted is often heard and accepted as grounds for asylums. To claim reasons of homophobia, belonging to the wrong religion or race, the death threat of criminal gangs etc is strangely not often accepted. In some countries it is considered treason to leave the country to find another country, coming back is often deadly. But people are sent back. Children is on their own, their special needs of safety is not taken properly care of. Often children go missing from the asylums houses. They are probably trafficked. But we want to evict them.

But the truth is we, the people, is not all that callous. But our politicians are, they are playing politics with the lives of people.

Norway should afford to be just and fair and always seeking the truth. Even if it meant letting people stay in this country. The country of Fridtjof Nansen is disgracing itself by the severity we cause our fellow people who come in hope of a future. There is a solution that we should think of to give all our undocuments immigrants and asylum seekers. It is called the Nansen Passport. In our digital age the Nansen passport would be an even better tool to give home to the seekers of new light and control the countries.

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