Saturday, 19 February 2011

Reading: Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth [Kindle Edition]

This book is from 1818. I was unaware of that. Of course, AMAZON does not give that information only the publication year of the Kindle version. Except that in this case not even Kindle year is mentioned.

This book is like reading ten memoirs at the same time. It is very comprehensive. It is in depth. It is not at all an memoirs that gives you a feeling of how it would be to be in the Elizabethan court. It tells the lives of many of her courtiers at the same time as it tries to show all that happened during the reign of Elizabeth I. And it also is very much a portrait of the monarch herself.

It is littered with long quotes of letters and memoirs. There are no literature list in the end. One would have to create that oneself since the quoted literature is there after the quotations. At the same time as one reads chronological the events concerning Elizabeth I and English history suddenly a biography of a gentleman and his family often 3 generations. The biography bits are annoying, not because they are not interesting but because they often starts with no mention of the name of the person in the beginning and before you can understand who it is the regular history has begun again.

Every chapter starts a short overview, unfortunately the formatting with --and it starts just there --so if you need to see what a word means in the dictionary in Kindle, those 2 --hinders that.

I have seldom read a book that made me think about editing it. It needs editing. May the reader in the 19th century did not need it but the modern reader would surely have enjoyed the book better had it been better structured by an editor.

This book is two volumes in one. The language is readable enough. It contains a lot of information. But is not easily digestible. Still thumbs up!!!

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