Saturday, 16 April 2011

Turandot - Gelo che ti da foco

Turandot is ice that gives fire. But is Turandot really made of ice. I think she is prentending. Scared by the gruesome story of her ancester, a princess like she, who was brutally raped and killed some thousand years ago. Still she is scared but now as a grown woman she also longs for love. It is so easy to just hear the fairytale Turandot but it is an opera that shows a China filled with mysogyny. When you really listen to Ping, Pang and Pong you can hear the hate of women quite directly put. Turandot lives in a time and place that men can have as many wives and concubines he wants and can afford. A Daughter of the Emperor has powers so long there is no man that owns her. No wonder Turandot is scared. Her riddles scheme is just an preemptiv strike towards the men that want to possess her, and the kingdom too.

What does Calaf want? he definetely want to no longer roam fearing for his life. He finds his father. Then there is Turandot. I doubt that he even saw her. He waa fascinated and there it was the chance to be an hero, a true romantic hero. I think Turandot and Calaf both saw in each other the possibility of a new and better life. But can this romanticism evolve into?

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