Saturday, 10 September 2011

Lies, damned lies, and history

The Untainted History of...

Does it exist? Untainted, unbias history does it exist?
Can a human be unbiased? Can we go outside our experiences and then go into other people realities and see it clearly as it is? Without our experiences can we be humans, and truly alive?

I would be interesting in reading the Untainted History of Colonization and of the Discovery of America. So I have these two apps on my Ipad but I have not started to read it because I started to think about the Untainted History. Of course they don't have the headline Untainted but they are described as such. Are they untainted by science, by other people's views. Would those people who participated in the Colonization / Discovery of America be absolutely truthful and not try to make themselves and others like them look good, is that even possible? Unless one understand your taint, your bias, you would never work to counter them.

Is it possible to go around in our lives and see people and not imagine knowing something about them? We would have to work hard then to be ever present in our head to stop any ungrounded belief. Ex: A person do not smile to us. What happens? We imagine a history about that person and why the person doesn't smile to us. Usually something negative. We humans are simply better at making negative stories. Positive stories are much harder work.

I love Historical Novels. I hate Historical Novels. If the author has done a great job in getting the Historical background as right as it is humanely possible, then I LOVE it. I love History made easy to remember. But only if it contains truth. I hate it when I have loved a story and it has imprinted itself in my brains only to be  Lies, damned lies, and "history".

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