Thursday, 12 January 2012

10 years since my first Nabucco

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Opera by Giuseppe Verdi. Known as Verdi's 3rd opera and his first great success.   Nabucco, 9 March 1842. It has the most famous chorus by Giuseppe Verdi: Va, pensiero. The story is biblical and about the Babylonian King Nabucco.

It has the classical and iconic conversion scene of Nabucco. But I find the opera most interesting because of Abigaille, the supposedly eldest daughter of Nabucco. Unfortunately she is not so loved by her "father" as the "minor" Fenena. Abigaille is as fierce as Nabucco but she is in reality "a daughter of slaves" and therefore nothing more than a slave herself. Even Abigaille's love interest loves Fenena and rejects Abigaille. Abigaille just want to be loved, most of all by her father, Nabucco.

Naturally the opera is the bible plus more love and confusion so that it can it juice music.

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