Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Elektra by Richard Strauss

4 x Elektra 2007-10-19, 2007-11-24, 2008-02-26, 2010-01-29. I have seen this opera 4 times but the lovely Rosenkavalier only twice. 

Elektra is a depressing opera about a depressing subject and it ends bad for everyone. For some people that love Richard Strauss the music is pure genious. But for me it is depressing and even though it is only one act it is LOOOOONG. And there are no beautiful arias or duets or anything. I know, given some years, I might disagree with what I just wrote but for now, it is the TRUTH. My truth, anyway. And I only watched it because of Agnes Baltsa as Klytemnestra, and I still don't love it. It takes too long before Klytemnestra arrives and then the fun is soon over. IT IS A GREEK TRAGEDY... no fun :-(

More information: Elektra (the opera), Richard Strauss, Electra (Greek mythology), Clytemnestra


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ernestlow said...

Dear Borgi,

The 1976 Ariadne with Janowitz, Gruberova and Agnes as the Composer conducted by Karl Bohm has just been released on Orfeo. Enjoy it!