Saturday, 5 May 2012

As I look ahead into the future

April 2012 started as it used to with April 1, April Fools Day. But on April 1, 2012 at 0930 the oldest sister of my mother died. It was a shock for me even as I had been told how serious her condition was this time, I still believed in Life. But Death came and for my aunt it must have been a relief too after so many years of suffering painfully of Parkinson's. A comfort was that she had her children with her even as she was not able even speak. It was so inappropriate that it was April Fools Day, much better that it was also Palm Sunday. SAD!! Her husband had died on April 1 last year and my aunt even shared her burial day with her husband, April 13, 2012. Friday the 13th, indeed.

My Easter Holiday at my parents' home never really recovered and I got sick and come to hospital for one night stay. Fun, it was not. Luckily one still have hobbies, opera. On April 15 I could experience a wonderful Opera gala in Sogndal Kulturhus. Even though Richard Wagner and Richard Strauss are not one of my favorite composers the soprano Elena Nebera made me forget that. My travel to Monte Carlo to see Maria Guleghina as Lady Macbeth was cut by flight engine problems, but Elena Nebera could in many ways remind me of Guleghina. Dark, big voices!

May has started. It is cold. My mother has cancer but finally she is getting help. And she is positive about it. But the delays because of low staffed hospitals and a bad combination of people getting sick and holidays that keep things from getting done fast.  But we are positive. Work and the love of opera is keeping me up.

My plans: May 25-30 Spain (La Chulapona in Madrid, Nabucco in Bilbao). June 9 Tosca with Cura in Stockholm, Early July in Zurich for Carreras and Boccanegra with Placido Domingo. Then Summer Holiday and the library and all the books and journals etc is going to another building, a brand new building with a new library. Two libraries is going to ONE big library in a NEW Building. I get an even shorter walk to my work. WOW!

About 2012/2013 only one thing is certain Carmen in Deutsche Oper Berlin on December 15, 2012.

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