Friday, 18 May 2012

Love is ... Fedora by Giordano

Usually one think only of romantic love in opera, and only about he protagonists but not in this post. Loris Ipanoff and Fedora Romazoff. It is Count Loris and Princesss Fedora.

Loris Ipanoff
Mother,Valerian Ipanoff, Wanda, Vladimir, Fedora.

Mother - Son = parental/filial love. Loris loves his mother but he still choses to marry Wanda, a woman his mother does not approve of, in secret.
Brother love - Loris is devastated when he finds out that his innocent brother has died accused of being his accomplice in the murder of Vladimir.
Wanda, Loris secret wife, who he describes as a vamp, a seductress. Loris takes no responibility in choosing Wanda even as his mother suspects Wanda to be after Loris.
Vladimir, one of Loris friends who knows and were there when he married Wanda. Wanda + Vladimir = lovers. Loris finds out and in a rage he kills Vladmir and then feel mightily sorry for himself. Wanda dies of grief not long after.

Princess Fedora: Vladimir, Loris.

Vladimir, the beloved son of the chief of the dreaded secret police, is living the life with many women, horse racing, bets etc and has a huge debt. Fedora is the wealthy widow from a powerful house. She thinks he loves her. When Vladimir is killed she will do anything to get the murderer, Loris.
Loris is in love with Fedora and have no idea he is just a mark for her. As soon as Fedora hears the confession of killing Vladimir she sets things in motion. Loris has been writing letters to his brother but that is enough for Fedora to write in the letter to the police chief, Valerian Ipanoff as accomplice. Then after the tragedy is set in motion she finds out about Wanda and Vladimir, and so she will save Loris.

Fedora loves Loris. It is probably a more real love than Fedora and Vladimir, Loris and Wanda. BUT, as they live together she has not told him she was Vladimirs fiancee or that she has been writing letters to the police chief. Then Valerian is caught and brought to prison and killed as the river floods the prison. And Loris mother dies when she hears about it. Loris is free from accusations and can go home but his family is dead. Fedora asks desperately for forgiveness for the unknown woman in Paris, herself. Then Loris finally realizes it and is in a rage, and Fedora commits suicide. And Loris feels sorry for himself.

TRAGEDY but why? Fedora and Loris is really two unhinged persons. They can only think in extremes. That is the first part of the tragedy, thr second is the lack of honesty. Fedora is about a crime passionel. It used to be OK to kill people if you caught them in adultery, the wife is with another man. Some places if you killed both you were OK, only one of them then you were a killer. For Fedora Loris is not guilty when she hears about the adultery, but she would have prefered Wanda killed too. I THINK that you cannot be innocent when you suspect something and you are carrying your gun. BESIDE intention/reason matters not if you kill someone THEN you are a KILLER. Jalousy does not makes you innocent, it is not a better reason to kill than greed. Murder is murder, and I don't except your excuses!!!

And for FEDORA and all who could act like her. Get all the facts first, don't be a vigilante, and don't lie.

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