Tuesday, 5 June 2012

2012-05-29 There and back again.

My journey is soon over. I am traveling from Bilbao to Oslo via Frankfurt.

Breakfast at the hotel. I think that the Bilbao Airport will give me more and good food opportunities but I was wrong. I wait a long time. I eat different left-overs and drink. But I have to abandon my huge water bottle with more than 0.5 liters water left. Then I go through security after sending my suitcase though and with my boarding pass. And wait. Buys something to drink. Wait some more. Finally off to Frankfurt.

So why did I leave my hotel at 1100 when my trip would start 1425 from Bilbao Airport. I could have eaten some great lunch in Bilbao city. But no, I just took the airport bus at 11 or so. Then I arrived in Frankfurt 1635, and my plane to Oslo was to go 2155. BORED. Where are the restaurants? Then finally I found one. FOOD. Lasagna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Arrived in Oslo before midnight. Waiting for my black and blacker than blackest suitcase. New for the trip but just so alike all the other black suitcases. Finally it arrived. It is mine. I can go to my hotel.

Radisson Blu Airport Hotel, Oslo Gardermoen

Then Good night!!

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