Thursday, 31 January 2013

Monday blues on January 21th, 2013

I thought I could relax and sleep to 0800. But suddenly I was late and the trains was late too. I was on the train to Milano Centrale that left 0905 and so it was in Milano 1100 and then the Malpensa Express, it stops at so many stations, 1135 and so I was in Malpensa 1235. But boarding time for my flight to Munich was 1235. I asked the security man and he helped me get faster through the security queue.

So you could think, it went all well then. NO. Snow in Munich Airport meant that my plane came late so 3 hrs later in the air. The waiting. I asked how the connecting flight to Oslo would be. OK, he said, it is 2 hrs delayed so I should come just in time. Except that it left just some seconds short of getting me on. Or minutes, then. So going to the transfer. Help Lufthansa people ready with ipads to help passangers. I was sent to another gate where I got a new boarding card. I was on a waiting list for the plane leaving 1930. Then I got a real boarding card, so now I will have a seat. My plane for home had already left but I should be on time for the night bus home. Except there was a delay. So I had to pay 1800 for a night at the SAS airport hotel and then a plane back home on TUESDAY. Luckily I was free the whole week because I have bought an apartment. On Tuesday I got the key, so I really needed to be there. I was packaging up and away in the old. Friday: Going to my parent's house to prepare for the moving of things from there to here. Saturday: a short talk to my cousin about the priorities until I had to go to Oslo to take the plane home so that I would be ready when the moving people arrived. They arrived Saturday 2330 and worked until 03. I slept from midnight, awake once every hour and even vomited some times. I was in pain. Sunday morning arrived I was in pain but I managed to go my new apartment to make some few late changes. The boys picked up some big furniture and took in from the old to the new apartment. They left 1500 and I went home to the old apartment, it was too cold in the new one.

Monday 28th, I have a dentist appointment but looks too ill so I am allowed to go home without having to pay. So I am not fit for work. Tells work I am sick. Gets a doctors appointment. Thursday 31st: I feel better now, not completely well. BUT am I really going to Munich for Carmen on Saturday February 2nd, I wonder! I feel sure that I will....

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ernestlow said...

Dear Borghi, am catching up on my reading after returning from vienna. Congrats on your new apartment! Have you finished moving? And how was Carmen in Munich? Best wishes from Singapore! Ernest