Saturday, 8 June 2013

It was an ALMOST. I almost got to see NABUCCO på Fredriksten Festning

Almost. I was discharged from the hospital. And I felt much better. And I had time to get a flight to Oslo and then to Halden to see NABUCCO. It almost worked. I came in time to the airport. The plane was delayed and so I realized... PAIN. It was there again. I tried to get myself to hospital again but no. I understand. My case was so in between home would be enough or hospital for enough pain relieve.

From my pain in Paris on May17th and till now. Pain has gone and come. I have been at work and had sick leave. I have been in hospital bed or on my sofa. Trying to ride it out, or something. I hope this is going to be better. I want to have a nice summer holiday without being acutely in pain. That would be nice.

So ODT had to cancel NABUCCO på Fredriksten Festning.

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