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A travel to the wonderful Opera Concert in Verona 2014-09-25

Oh, yes, it was a great concert but first one has to arrive. As usual I was thinking cheap flight, decent hotel and no stress. 7 hrs bus ride in the night to Oslo Airport, 4 hrs wait in airport. 2 hrs flight to Frankfurt, 1 hr in airport (or less, remember find gate and boarding), then 1 hour flight to Milan, Malpensa airport. Malpensa airport and walk, walk up and down to finally get to train. The MalpensaExpress directly to Milano Centrale except all those stops, 45-50 minutes train ride. THEN train to Verona Puorta Nuova, that is 1,5 hour. So 1730 in train station. Something to eat there and then off to my B&B. More like private living but no hotel was free in my prize class and close enough. It was good enough. Relaxing a bit until walking to Piazza Bra. Was lucky to met friends so that we could have food and drink together. Should not have chosen pizza. Now Concert.
Welll, we got our seats all right but a lot of double bookings in row 1 - 2. Polite complaining, standing up waiting for staff to help. Arena di Verona was not full, except in poltrone and poltronissimo there it was reasonable full. 

20 minutes late it started and the presenter talked and talked.
L'Opera è la grande bellezza, 

Carlo Guelfi

Presentatore Michele Mirabella

Orchestra Filarmonica Arturo Toscanini
Massimo Zanetti, conductor
Coro Teatro Regio di Parma, Coro Università degli studi di Perugia, Coro dell’Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia e le Voci Bianche Adamu

Regìa e progetto scenografico di ENRICO STINCHELLI
Coreografie di “Modulo Factory

Almost 7 minutes of talk by presenter before and then a lot of talk later on too.
Orchestra & ballet
"1. Terzo ballabile Macbeth"
Carlo Guelfi, baritone
2. Pietà, rispetto, amore (Macbeth) "
Jose Cura & Maria Guleghina
"3. Già nella notte densa (Otello)"

Jose Cura
"4. E lucevan le stelle (Tosca) "
Maria Guleghina
"5. Vissi d'arte (Tosca) "

Orchestra & ballett & chorus
"6. La Traviata - matadori & zingari"

Carlo Guelfi, Maria Guleghina
"7. Donna, chi sei? (Nabucco) "

Chorus & Orvhestra
"8. Patria oppressa (Macbeth) "

Jose Cura, Carlo Guelfi
"9. Desdemona rea...Sì pel ciel (Otello)"

fanfara dei carabinieri (2 minutes)
"10. korpsmusikk"

fanfara dei carabinieri
"11. Gloria all'Egitto, Aida con marcia trionfale e balletto"

fanfara dei carabinieri (2 minutes)
"12. ukjent korpsmusikk"
Maria Guleghjina
"13. Nel dì della vittoria (Macbeth)"
Jose Cura
"14. Vesti la giubba (Pagliacci) "

Carlo Gulefi, Chorus
 "16. Te Deum (Tosca)"

Maria Guleghina, Jose Cura & Chorus
 "17. In questa reggia (Turandot) "

Carlo Guelfi
"18. Nemico della Patria (Chénier) "

"19. Va’, pensiero (Nabucco)"

Jose Cura, Chorus
"20. Nessun dorma (Turandot)"

Maria Guleghina, tutti
"21. Finale Turandot TUTTI"

Jose Cura, tutti
22. National Anthem of Italy "Fratelli d'Italia"

What to say? Carlo Guelfi got better as the night progressed, Jose Cura and Maria Guleghina was on target all the time. The presenter just made it take longer take but the audience applauded a lot that he was saying so maybe it was allright. A super night of opera arias, duets, ensemble, ballet & corps music. Then I saw Maria Guleghina after the concert, she was freezing so she needed to get into the warm bus car right, and it was cold in Verona. Then we waited ages for Jose Cura to come and he came with his wife and company. Photos.

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