Monday, 6 October 2014

After Verona, what then?

After a great night in the Arena I slept well in my B&B but I had this great idea to go to Milano because I thought that would be fun and my airport to back home is Milano Airport Malpensa. 

Then I got the headache of the century or at least decade. Milano is not my kind of city, Verona is much better. A 4 star hotel cheaper than B&B in Verona but with the worst pillows, they were hard, no help with 2 pillows or 4 when all were so hard. After the struggle of finding the centrally situated hotel in Milano I rested on those hard pillows, or the one that was almost a bit soft, naturally my headache was still aching. So I went to the Duomo, just to eat pizza there. Great pizza, but it was a rather cold September night at 1900. Why such a long walk? Just walking and so many other nice places I could even sit inside and not freeze and eat well. But done is done. Eating food helps when in headache mode. But I had one of the worst night, up and up and down to sleep some more but first time I woke was 2330. So up every hour or so it seemed. Then finally morning, headache still there not in in complete killing me modus. Got lost going to the Milano Centrale and I am accusing the Maps in my Iphone. Finally accepting defeat I went to the nearest hotel and asked for help. Finally taxi to Milano Centrale stazione. Should have asked for taxi in my own hotel but the person say just go left, right or right, left and then I would be there. He should a least have given me a map. 

So that is Milano for you, stress and more stress, not nice like Verona and other Italian cities. So finally Malpensa airport and via Zurich to Oslo. Then I stayed with my aunt and uncle. Sunday I should have visited my dad but my headache was still on. So I took the plane back home. And then my headache took a rest, and I could rest without all that clawing in my head. Sunday 28. September was a good day, not like Friday.

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