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GIUSEPPE VERDI Don Carlo(s) on DVD (1) - Jonas Kaufmann, Ramon Vargas & Roberto Alagna

Salzburger Festspiele 2013

Opera in 5 acts, sung in Italian.

Don Carlo, Infante of Spain = Jonas Kaufmann
Philip II, King of Spain = Matti Salminen
Elisabeth de Valois, Princess of France, later Queen of Spain = Anja Harteros
Rodrigo, Marquis of Posa = Thomas Hampson
Princess of Eboli = Ekaterina Semenchuk
Grande Inquisitor = Eric Halfvarson
A friar (Emperor Charles V) = Robert Lloyd
Tebaldo = Maria Celeng
A heavenly voice = Kiandra Howarth
The Count of Lerma / Royal Herald = Benjamin Bernheim

Conductor = Antonio Pappano
Wiener Philharmoniker
Konzertvereiningun Wiener Staatsopernchor
Chorus Master = Jörn Hinnerk Andresen

Stage Director = Peter Stein
Set Designer = Ferdinand Wügerbauer
Costume Designer = Joachim Barth
Choreographer = Lia Tsolaki
Video Director = Agnes Meth

2 DVDs = 3h55m

Great singers: Jonas Kaufmann, Anja Harteros, Thomas Hampson, Ekatarina Semenchuk.
It starts with L'hiver est long in Italian, naturally. And the opera lasts almost 4 hrs because the rejected extra music is put back in, not all of it. So the action gets delayed and one get a watered down Don Carlo.

For the most complete Don Carlos in French:

Wiener Staatsoper

Opera in 5 acts, sung in French.
Unabridged original version of 1867)

Don Carlos = Ramon Vargas
Philip II of Spain = Alastair Miles
Elisabeth de Valois = Iano Tamar
Rodrigue = Bo Skovhus
The Princess of Eboli = Nadja Michael
Thibault = Cornelia Salje
A friar (Charles V) = Dan Paul Dumitresco
The Count of Lerma = Benedikt Kobel

Conductor = Bertrand De Billy
Wiener Staatsoper Orchester and Chorus
Chorus Master = Ernst Dunsheim

Stage Director = Peter Konwitschny
Sets and Costume Design = Johannes Leiacker
Lighting = Hans Toelstede
Dramaturgy = Werner Hintze
Auto-da-fé Assistand and Video Director = Vera Nemirova
Directed for Television and Video bt Anton Reitzenstein

2 DVDs = 4h 07

Ramon Vargas is a great Don Carlos. Love also Iano Tamar as Elisabeth de Valois. Does not love at all this production. Great singing but the director is destroying the opera.

A better French 5 act version  but not so complete.

Theatre de Chatelet, Paris

Opera in 5 acts, sung in French.
(Original French version in 5 acts - DVD booklet)

Don Carlos = Roberto Alagna
Philip II of Spain = José van Dam
Elisabeth de Valois = Karita Mattila
Rodrigue = Thomas Hampson
Princess of Eboli = Waltraud Meier
Grand Inquisiteur = Eric Halfvarson
Friar - Charles V = Csaba Airizer
Thibault = Anat Efraty
Voice from Heaven = Donna Brown
The Count of Lerma = Scot Weir

Conductor = Antonio Pappano
Orchestre de Paris
Chæur de Theatre de Chatelet
Chorus Master = Andrea Giorgi

Director = Luc Bondy

1 DVD = 3h 31m

The long hair version I call it. Thomas Hampson and Roberto Alagna are great but 3 day bearded and hairy. Love also Karita Mattila and Waltraud Meier in their roles. Better than Wiener Staatsoper version or as bad?

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