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GIUSEPPE VERDI Don Carlo(s) on DVD (2) - Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo & Luciano Pavarotti

Salzburger Festspiele

Opera in 4 acts, sung in Italian

Don Carlos = Jose Carreras
Philip II = Ferruccio Furlanetto
Elisabeth de Valois = Fiamma Izzo d'Amico
Rodrigo = Piero Cappuccilli
Princess of Eboli = Agnes Baltsa
Grande Inquisitor = Matti Salminen
Friar (Carlo V) = Franco di Grandis
Tebaldo = Antonella Bandelli
La Contessa d'Aremberg = Katarina Schuchter
The Count of Lerma = Horst Nitsche
A Royal Herald = Volker Horn

Conductor = Herbert von Karajan
Berliner Philharmoniker
Chor der Bulgarischen Nationaloper Sofia
Konzertvereiningung Wiener Staatsopernchor
Salzburger Konzertchor

Director and Artistic Supervisor = Herbert von Karajan
Set Design = Günther Schneider-Siemssen
Costumes = Georges Warhevitch

1 DVD = 2h 58

Perfection!!! Carreras, Cappucilli, Baltsa etc. supreme cast. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Teatro alla Scala, Milano


Opera in 4 acts, sung in Italian.

Don Carlos = Luciano Pavarotti
Philip II = Samuel Ramey
Elisabeth de Valois = Daniela Dessi
Rodrigo = Paolo Coni
The Princess of Eboli = Luciana D'Intino
Grand Inquisitore = Alexander Anisimov
A friar = Andrea Silverstrelli
Tebaldo = Marilena Laurenza
A Voice from Heaven = Nuccia Focile
The Count of Lerma = Orfeo Zanetti
A Royal Herald = Mario Bolognese

Conductor = Riccardo Muti
Orchester and Chorus of Teatro all Scala

Stage Production and Video Director = Franco Zeffirelli.

2 DVDs = 3h 02

We have Franco Zeffirelli and Luciano Pavarotti here, and the rest of the cast is great. I loved Paolo Coni and Luciana D'Intino most. This is something mostly for fans of Pavarotti, I think.

Metropolitan Opera, New York

Opera in 5 acts, sung in Italian.

Don Carlos = Placido Domingo
Philip II = Nicolai Ghiaurov
Elisabeth de Valois = Mirella Freni
Rodrigo = Louis Quilico
The Princess of Eboli = Grace Bumbry
Grand Inquisitore = Ferruccio Furlanetto
A Friar = Julien Robbins
Tebaldo = Betsy Norden
A Voice from Heaven = Marvis Martin
La Contessa d'Aremberg = Barbara Greene
The Count of Lerma = John Gilmore
A Royal Herald = Charles Anthony

Conductor = James Levine
Orchestra and Chorus of Metropolitan Opera

Production = John Dexter
Set Design = David Reppa
Costume Design = Ray Diffen
lighting Design = Gil Wechsler

2 DVDs =  3 h 33 m

It starts with The Winter is long, in Italian. No watering down French influence and Act 1 (Prologue) in Italian is good. Great singers. This is the MET!! Ghiaurov, Domingo, Freni, Louis Quilico and Grace Bumbry, they are just great!!

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