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GIUSEPPE VERDI Don Carlo(s) on DVD (3) - Rolando Villazon in 4 and 5 acts

De Netherlandse Opera, Amsterdam

Opera in 4 acts, sung in Italian

Don Carlos = Rolando Villazon
Philip II = Robert Lloyd
Elisabeth de Valois = Amanda Roocroft
Rodrigo = Dwayne Croft
The Princess of Eboli = Violeta Urmana
Grande Inquisitor = Jaakko Ryhänen
A friar = Giorgio Giuseppini
Tebaldo = Marisca Mulder
The Count of Lerma = Kristian Benedikt
A Royal Herald = Rudi de Vries
A Voice from Heaven = Cincia Forte

Conductor = Riccardo Chailly
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
Chorus of De Netherlandse Opera

Stage Director = Willy Decker
Set Design = Wolfgang Dussmann
Costume Design = Wolfgang Dussmann, Susana Mendoza
Lighting Design = Hans Toelstede
Dramaturgie = Klaus Bertisch

2 DVDs = 2h 49 m
+ extras

The Royal Opera House, London

Opera in 5 acts, sung in Italian

Don Carlos = Rolando Villazon
Philip II = Ferruccio Furlanetto
Elisabeth de Valois = Marina Poplovskaya
Rodrigo = Simon Keenlyside
The Princess of Eboli = Sonia Ganassi
Grande Inquisitor = Eric Halvarson
A friar, Carlos V = Robert Lloyd
Tebaldo = Pumeza Matshikiza
The Count of Lerma = Nikola Matisic
A Voice from Heaven = Anita Watson
Priest Inquisitor = Alexander d'Andrea

Conductor = Antonio Pappano
Royal Opera Chorus and Orchestra

Stage Director = Nicholas Hytner
Designs = Bob Crowley
Lighting Designer = Mark Henderson
Movement = Scarlett Mockmin¨
Fight Director = Terry King

2 DVDs = 3h 30m

Pure delight both versions.

Willy Decker is the claustrophobic version. They are all trapped. They are so awkward, Elisabeth and Carlos in this version that one can not envision them not blunder about. The Nicholas Hytner version with 5 acts starting with Su, cacciatore... has much to offer, beauty and a superb cast with Ferruccio Furlanetto as Philip and the wonderful Rolando Villazon as poor, awkward Don Carlos who can't do anything right.

Of the 8 versions of Don Carlos I have on DVD

I chose
 Salzburg 2013. Jonas Kaufmann
 Salzburg 1986. Jose Carreras
Royal Opera House, London 2008. Rolando Villazon

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