Sunday, 9 August 2015

Summer Holidays are over and I am in pain

I loved my summer holidays. It was very hot but I was OK in Paris, Italy and Spain. My latest travel to Spain was via Frankfurt both ways. But on my travel i had to stay overnight in Frankfurt so I had to take one more day off. No problem usually, but on Monday I was not feeling too well. Then when I came to the airport I was in more pain  but not too bad. On the plane I feel pain in my stomach more and more. As we approached Gardermoen I was sitting bent down. This whole thing was not help by my plane being late. 1 hr later than expected we landed. I had to wait for my luggage in Gardermoen. I was so sick and it seemed that all aiplaines was using belt nr 6. It took an hour before my luggage was there. I was sitting there trying to see my luggge on the belt through all those layers of people. The luggage people was carrying was so much, it was extrordinary.

I vomited. Felt a bit better then. A person gave me aiport plastic bag. And as I was vomiting in the bag people was often trying to just walk over me. It was so filled with people, old, young, children. Happily the people was not loud. Loud would have been hell. Finally my luggage came, then I wondered If I would be ble to just walk with all my luggage. I was so tired that I almost cried when I bought my colas, i forgot that as I was sick and likely to vomit I should have bought the original red coca cola, the one tht helps when you are sick. I bought light og Zero, my brain was not completely on.

Then I sat down in a cafe/restaurant. They noticed I was not well and since Gardermoen does not have a nurs og doctor but they have police. So the policemn asked me question, then he made sure that a nurse in the amt centrl got my phone number and we could talk. Then ambulance was coming but instead it was a more normal emergency vehicle where I had to sit and be taken to the closest doctor center. Blood sample was taken, and then an ambulance came and I was sent to closest hospital, Akershus University Hospital. The next morning I was well enough to go home. Better, able to walk easily and pain almost over. Anyway, holidays was over, I had to go to work and if i needed Hospital Time it would be better if it was closer to home, with people who knows me. 

Bus from AHUS, then train to Gardernoen and flight home because 7 hrs from Oslo and homd would be more than I can take.

One night I had such and even with extra pain killer, no sleep. I am still in pain, just on and off. But it is hard. I have to talk to my doctor, should I continue with pain killers (need an upgrade), or do I need to go to hospital (again, and it is so boring).

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