Wednesday, 2 September 2015

I love Carmen and Carmen loves me (not?)

Bizet: 25 Carmen
1985-05-03, 1991-05-06, 1992-11-07, 1998-10-21, 2000-02-05, 2000-06-25, 2002-05-15, 2002-06-22, 2002-06-23, 2002-06-26, 2002-09-29, 2003-06-27, 2003-06-30, 2003-07-29, 2003-08-23, 2004-09-25, 2008-05-24, 2009-10-10, 2012-12-15, 2013-02-02, 2013-09-16, 2014-05-01, 2014-10-25, 2015-03-28, 2015-07-20

1st Carmen was Guerilla-Carmen (1985).
2nd Carmen was also performed in Oslo (1991).
3rd Carmen still performed in Norway, but this time in Bergen (1992).
4th Carmen was in Zurich and I was disappointed that Agnes Baltsa did not sing (1998).
5th Carmen was in Berlin and with the stupendous Agnes Baltsa. I also enjoyed Alberto Cupido as Don Jose (2000).
6th Carmen was in Zurich, this time with Agnes Baltsa and Gösta Winbergh as Carmen and Don José. Loved it partly, but loved Berlin more (2000).
7th Carmen and with Baltsa and Cupido together this time in Helsinki, Finland. Bravo!!! (2002)
8th Carmen was in Zurich but with a new production so I left for Vienna as quickly as I could (2002).
9th & 10th Carmen was in Vienna with Agnes Baltsa and Richard with Anja Harteros as Micaela. Wonderful (2002).
11th Carmen was also in Vienna with Agnes Baltsa and Fabio Armiliato. Fabulous (2002).
12th Carmen still in Vienna but this time with Baltsa and Julian Gavin. Krassimira Stoyanova was Micaela (2003)
13th Carmen was the same as 12th except with Roxana Briban as Micaela (2003).
14th Carmen was in Verona and it was magic with Jose Cura and Marina Domashenko (2003).
15th Carmen and we are in Oslo but Carmen is still Marina Domashenko (2003)
16th Carmen with Agnes Baltsa and Julian in Berlin (2004)
17th Carmen was in Karlsruhe with Denyce Graves and Jose Cura (2008)
18th Carmen was in Munich with Julia Gertseva and Jose Cura (2009).
19th Carmen with Jose Cura and Anita Rachvelishvili in Berlin. This time in another production, but Berlin still produces wonderful performances (2012)
20th Carmen was in Munich with Nancy Fabiola Herrera and Thiago Arancam. She is great, he is meh (2013).
21st Carmen was in Vienna with Roberto Alagna and Rinat Shaham (2013)
22nd Carmen was in Barcelona with Sergi Gimenez Carreras. This was Salon Opera at its finest (2014).
23rd Carmen was in Madrid with Maria Jose Montiel and sung in Spanish as "Zarzuela" (2014).
24th Carmen was in Milano with Elena Garanca and Jose Cura. Wonderful is a word! (2015).
25th Carmen in Barcelona with Sergi Gimenez Carreras and promised more but we did get some real Flamenco and some cuts (2015).

I love Carmen!!
The Movie was great!!!

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