Tuesday, 1 September 2015

September and I got a new lense

On August 31st, 2015 I had my first cateract operation. I see better on my right eye now but my left is still -3.5 so that is difficult. I took the the right eye glass out of my glasses. Well I went to optitician and he did it for free. Personally I had to just pay 75 NOK for the operation, the Norwegian State pay the rest. I am so lucky to be a Norwegian living in Norway. 

So sad that not the rest of the world do not have this kind of welfare state. Naturally, there are places that are even better than Norway, and that is OK by me. To have a functioning welfare state cost a lot of money so many countries are too poor to give their population good health care. Any rich state have a duty to help in my opininion. For me the most heartbreaking stories are from the USA. A rich country but UNWILLING to help their own. They are against Rights for All. They all want PRIVILEGES. Only I and my family have rights, my neighbours never!!

The Republican Jesus with the Prosperity Gospel is ruining USA in their effort to save it from itself. Hate is Love. Taking away possibilities is to help people. To call people evil is an excellent way to save them to Christianity.

Back to Norway. it is really nice here and mostly people are rather mellow. True, it can take a long time to really get us as friends but we are often good, real friends by that point. Racism is not that obvious, we are seldom that directly hateful, but then when you students all in the beginning of the year, they black and white and no no natural mixing and then you wonder more about racism (is it or not). Of course since Norwegians are mostly white we are often wrong about things like racism, was that racist and so on. So we are often blind but we believe that we see it all. One of the most racist things we do is how fast we declare that there was no racist thought there. We can never be sure of that. There will always be places in our mind where old racist ideas lives even if we have work most of our lives to debund them, reject them. They came insidenof our mind without our choosing it, we heard it, we read it, we saw it in movied and on TV.  Colorblind is not an option so long that racism and colorism is there. 
We have to open our eyes. White folks listen more to other Whites even if we can not be experts of lives we have never lived.

All lives matters! That sounds great. Except that we never truly believe it. Not that all matters equally, nope, we don't believe. Old people should also get a heart transplant as the twenty year old. No, not really. When women talk it is as serious as mens talk.... That you should listenas respectfully when a child talk as an adult. Black lives matter! is telling about whose lives are in danger all the time, and it it not the White, Rich, Hetero, Cis men who are in danger. BLM is all the danger and they are more all lives matter than ALM. BLM their ideas will stop the dangers from cops who is not doing real police work from harrassing and killing others. ALM is most angry about the word Black. 

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