Monday, 21 March 2016

Easter and Opera

I did not go to Paris. My ticket for Il Trovatore is unused. No reimbursment from the Paris Opera because I was sick. No it was a total loss.

Finally I am well. Breathing more easily, but still not in my form which was never splendid. Still now I can look forward to an opera duets travel, this time to Berlin for CavPag. I hoper Jose Cura will sing on Saturday 26.03.2016 even as he is singing Otello the next day in Salzburg. He is just Canio in Berlin, Jorge de Leon will sing Turriddu. I am half excited and half dreading this CavPag in Berlin. The productiom there is not my favorite. I saw it in 2005. Ekaterina Gubanova is not Santuzza. The website of DOB shows another on: Elena Zhikova.

Easter, the Holy week, but for me just days off from work. I love the Easter psalms, some more than others. But now I know too many things in the Bible are just stories and so many are so false that it flies against all real scientists know about the times in which the stories are supposed to be set in. The most false are the stories I allways loved the best, the Nativity story and Easter. Beautiful stories that no one can dislike or hate but the probability that it true are too small to believe now that I am adult and care more and more about Truth. I love fantasy when it does not try to make you believe that it is absolutely true. But this is not the real reason I am drifting even from my soft Christianity. The reason lies in the lies and hate so may Christians show towards others. If Love and Forginess and Second Chances was the face of Christianity I would still support it in some way or another. Prayer is the answer they give to crisis, not action. I would like to see Action not Prayer as the automatic response from the religious people but always their answer is inaction. Prayer in not Action, it is the opposite.

Opera, I still love opera, but know I notice a lot of things like religion in so many operas and I do not accept is as I used too. Another thing about opera is how wrong the love is in this stories. Love in opera, the so called Romantic Love, is a Love that goes smoothly to Hate whenever the loved one does anything the lover does not approve off. But this is Abusive love. I loved you as an angel, now I hate you as a devil, sings the tenor to the soprano. I want to never be loved by this kind of Love, the Romantic one. I do not want to be killed when romance is over. No matter how hard my lover would cry after he had killed me, I still don't want death. Beside the lovers crying over their loved dead ones is more Woe is me! than oh my god now this person is dead and can never laugh and be happy again in this life. Poor me, you must have pity on a murdering lover, someone who can never take NO for an answer. No, my feelings go out towards all those killed by a closed one who never could take a divorce as the answer. How many intimate partners and children has not been killed just over the words No! It is over! 

Love does not end. Love does not kill. Love is not ego. Love is to wish the best to the loved ones no matter if you are loved back or not. Your happiness is to see them happy and fulfilled. Love is not a feeling close to hate. It does not hate, love is compassion.

In this Holy Week my wish is that we will all be filled compassion towards all and everyone in mankind and that it will come out with Action towards all injustice even those we will never feel ourselves. Do let Hate TRUMP .... Compassion and LOVE.


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