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April 1, 2017: Lucrezia Borgia in Valencia (review & travel)

It all depends on how one sees things. I prefer to see opera live, still I adore to see opera on TV, internet or DVD or simply listening to opera on Ipad or CD. And then it is travelling and a little holiday time abroad, that is good, too. Plus I did not know until I arrived in Valencia, Spain, that Lucrecia Borgia was going to be recorded and sent live on the very same day that I had a ticket. There I was again, in Valencia.

This time my route was night bus to Oslo Gardermoen on Thursday 30. March. Then my flight to Alicante airport. First time for me in Alicante! To arive at OSL at 5 in the morning and have a flight at 6 already was NOT a joy. Arriving in Alicante before ten. Airport bus from Airport to Train station. Me not a fluent Spanish speaker at all, I am all single words in Spanish sometimes arrived to the shortest possible sentence. The bus driver was kind but not too fluent in English. But the question that settled where I was going was like Driver: "Benidorm?" and Me: "Valencia!" Tren, train, yes.

In Alicante train station I got a chance to eat. I had to, my train was not before 1400. Train trip, many photos. And then to my hotel in Valencia. 2 nights from Friday 31. March to Sunday 2.April.

April 1 in Valencia, photos and the main course opera in the evening. Donizetti's Lucrezia Borgia with Mariella Devia. What a night of opera it was!

2017-04-01 Lucrezia Borgia (Donizetti),
Palau de les Arts (Valencia)

Lucrezia Borgia = Mariella Devia
Gennaro = William Davenport
Alfonso I d´este = Marko Mimica
Maffio Orsini = Silvia Tro Santafé
Don Aposto Gazella = Alejandro Lopez
Ascanio Petrucci = Simone Alberti
Oloferno Vitellozzo = Andres Silbaran
Rustighello = Moises Marin
Gubetta = Andrea Pellegrini
Astolfo = Michael Borth
Jeppo Liverotto = Fabian Lara
Ujer = Jose Enrique Requena
Una Voz = Lluis Martinez
Fabio Biondi, conductor

Stage Director: Emilio Sagi
Scenography: Lorenc Corbella
Costumes : Pepa Ojaguren
Light design: Eduardo Bravo

New production: Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia

Another wonderful Lucrezia Borgia. This time it was Mariella Devia as Lucrezia. To compare Mariella Devia to Elena Mosuc in this role is like comparing a mother to a daughter when they are equally astounding and look the same. Of course, this is opera so it was the sound that was alike, same quality, except Mariella Devia is older than Elena Mosuc so it was the older diva against the younger. Who wins? I would say both. Great singing and acting from both.  I loved Mariella Devia as Lucrezia just as I did love Elena Mosuc in the same role. Brava, Mariella Devia!!

In both productions we had Marko Mimica as Alfonso d'Este. This is really a bass to go and see. Great acting and voice. Bravo, Marco Mimica!!

William Davenport was singing and acting the demanding belcanto role of Gennaro. There was many things to admire in this tenor. His voice was not so sure on the track but with age and more stage experience he will a be a tenor to look for. Bravo, William Davenport!!

Silvia Tro Santafe was Maffio Orsini. A great mezzo soprano voice and  a sure stage presence she presented this important person right on stage. Brava, Silvia Tro Santafe!!

With great singers and personalities in all the smaller roles this was a great production. Emilio Sago has created another triumpth for the stage! Perfection from Valencia.

And think, the Borgia had family ties to the city of Valencia and the region of Valencia.

Viva, Valencia!!!

On April 2 it was time for the long travel home with a night in Alicante, too. A quarter past 1300 I was on my way from Valencia to Alicante. Another beautiful city! And in the end a good night sleep until April 3rd and 1545 my flight to Oslo. SO it all ended with another night bus and so 5 or rather over 5 in morning on April 4th I was home. So tired that it has taken me a whole month to write this. Or rather, there are things that are more amusing than blogging, and then there was work...

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