Thursday, 29 March 2018

Roberto Devereux in Parma and Easter Holiday 2018

I was just thinking that it would be like another travel. I thought I was well. Summer time changed my plans but I thought it was a little thing. But it changed everything. I did not have enough time to eat properly before I took the bus to Gardermoen. Since the night bus would make me too late for the plane I had to go via Oslo Bussterminal and then the airport train. Saturday is over.

Palm Sunday and Summer time. My watch and I are on Wintertime.  The plane leaves at 6am, for me that’s 5. Little time too sleep and very little food do I have in me. Of course, I am on time for the plane to Malpensa airport Milan. Then it is too trains to Parma. I ate just one Foccaccia that day. Still I thought I was well. I changed my hotel after walking all the way to that hotel and then changed it to NH Parma close to the train station. Just being practical after all I will travel by train back to Malpensa tomorrow.

Going to the Opera after walking too much, no food, little drink. Roberto Devereux by Donizetti is boring compared to Anna Bolena and Lucrezia Borgia. I was ill. Pain and stomach noise. I survived and left while they were still applauding and cheering. Walking back to my hotel according to Google maps I never stopped walking until I taking the train to Milan.

2018-03-25 Roberto Devereux (Donizetti), Teatro Regio Parma

Elisabetta = Mariella Devia
Sara = Sonia Ganassi
Roberto Devereux = Stefan Pop
Il Duca Di Nottingham = Sergio Vitale
Lord Cecil = Matteo Mezzaro
Sir Gualtiero Raleigh = Ugo Guagliardo
Sebastiano Rolli, conductor

Director - Alfonso Antoniozzi
Sets - Monica Manganelli
Costumes - Gianluca Falaschi
Lighting - Luciano Novelli
Chorus master - Martino Faggiani 
Production from Teatro Carlo Felice,Genova; Teatro La Fenice di Venezia

Night to Monday was being ill and trying not to vomit until the night was nothing other than bed to wc again again and vomiting all the time. Somehow I was able to take the trains and arrive at Malpensa and then the direct plane to OSLO Gardermoen. On the plane I became the sick person on the plane. They took well care of me. Easter has been canceled for me. 

This has been written on a hospital bed and after Easter I hope to come home.


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