Sunday, 11 January 2009

Next weekend in London to see Turandot with Cura

Wow, the new year 2009 has really begun.

Before my operation I hope to see Turandot in London (January 17th) and Stiffelio in Vienna (February 7 and 10th). I will have to be at the hospital on Friday 13th, 2009. Kind'a scary.

I have also bought tickets for Carmen/Tosca early in March, but will I be on time after this medium size operation. If that doesn't go well, then I will have to wait until April for Jenufa with Baltsa (first weekend) and Tosca with Guleghina and Cura (last weekend).

But Turandot in London should go on. Because I have decided that I feel well, except for my pain in the stomach that has not stopped.

The reason I have been a bit late in writing this weekend is that I have had some serious IPOD problem probably because of my harddisk problem with my esternal harddisk mostly. NOT helped by the fact that my computer is no longer fast, but more ennoying than fast. So in this weekend I have started my IPOD again from scratch, but finally I have approx 34 GB on it Except for the part that are lost or hidden on my harddisk everything is OK. I have been syncronising all day long. And I no longer have a lot of video and photos on my classic IPOD. I need a new computer and somebody to rescue lost files on my external harddisk. So if I buy a new PC then I will also buy a better external harddisk. And then there will be the work of getting things of this PC and on to the new. That will be a kind of HELL. But if everything would work perfectly from day One that would be HEAVEN.  But when will I do it.

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