Sunday 30 September 2007

2007.09.29 - SR2/ LR3 Andrea Chenier, Barcelona (radio)

2007.09.29 - LR3



Sestdienas vakars Operā.
Tiešraidē no Barselonas Gran Teatre del Liceu – Umberto Džordāno opera
Andrē Šeņjē.
Debora Voigta, Hosē Kura, Karloss Alvarezs, Irina Mišura, Gran Teatre del
Liceu koris un orķestris, diriģents Pinkass Šteinbergs


P2 Live opera

Torsdag 30 augusti 2007 - Söndag 30 september 2007

P2 Live Opera

lördag 29 september 2007 19:45

"Andrea Chénier" av Umberto Giordano.

Längd: 255 minuter

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P2 Live Opera

lördag 22 september 2007 18:15

"Trojanerna" av Hector Berlioz.

Längd: 345 minuter

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Luciano Pavarotti till minne

torsdag 6 september 2007 21:30

Pavarotti har tystnat. P2 sänder ett musikporträtt där den store italienske tenoren sjunger bland annat Bellini, Puccini och Donizetti. Ett minnesprogram signerat Per Feltzin.

Längd: 60 minuter

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Wednesday 26 September 2007

Komische Oper Berlin, Fledermaus, Premiere 2007-09-23

Die Fledermaus

Komische Operette in drei Akten von Johann Strauß
Libretto von Richard Genée
So | 23.09.2007 | 19:00 Uhr

Weitere Aufführungen ..

09. | 25. | 30. September
06. | 06. | 14. Oktober
02. | 17. | 28. November
04. | 13. | 14. | 18. | 23. | 25. | 31. Dezember
13. Januar
27. | 27. Juli

Musikalische Leitung ... Markus Poschner
Inszenierung ... Andreas Homoki
Ausstattung ... Wolfgang Gussmann
Chöre ... Robert Heimann
Lichtgestaltung ... Franck Evin

Gabriel von Eisenstein = Klaus Kuttler
Rosalinde = Gun-Brit Barkmin
Frank = Martin Winkler
Prinz Orlofsky = Karolina Gumos
Alfred = Christoph Späth
Dr. Falke = Günter Papendell
Dr. Blind = Thomas Ebenstein
Adele = Natalie Karl
Ida = Saskia Krispin
Frosch = Peter Renz

Tagesspiegel - 24. Sept. 2007
Zum 60. Gründungsjubiläum: Andreas Homoki und Markus Poschner beglücken die Komische Oper Berlin mit einer „Fledermaus“. Von Frederik Hanssen Von Frederik ...
Die Welt - 24. Sept. 2007
Mit der Neuinszenierung der Operette von Johann Strauß katapultiert sich die Komische Oper lustvoll zurück ins 19. Jahrhundert, in die Zeit der Uraufführung ... - vor 1 Stunde gefunden
VON JÜRGEN OTTEN Mit diesem Stück fing alles an. Im Dezember 1947, Berlin war eine zerstörte und zerteilte Stadt, da hob sich in der Behrenstraße in Mitte ...
Deutschlandradio - 25. Sept. 2007
Von Georg-Friedrich Kühn Im Dezember 1947 wurde mit Johann Strauß' "Fledermaus" die Berliner Komische Oper eröffnet. Regisseur damals war Gründungsintendant ...
Neues Deutschland - 24. Sept. 2007
Von Ekkehart Krippendorff Als Walter Felsenstein vor sechzig Jahren »inmitten von Zerstörung, in aller materiellen und geistigen Bedrängnis Deutschlands« (1 ...
Andreas Homoki inszeniert die Strauß-Operette an der Komischen Oper in ihrer biederen Pracht
Von Volker Blech

The Critics was not convinced by this production. "Too much laughs on the stage, not so much from the audience". The Regisseur has taken the operetta too serious, not enough Champagner-sprudl, only Sekt (no real Champagne).

First I loved it then I didn't. Intermission between act 2 and 3 said the programme-heft. But in reality it was in the middle of act 2. Which did in a way make sense and too the ball room from the drunken mind of Eisenstein was also a good idea. But then the prison scene was still a ballroom with all the furniture fallen down, it did not make sense. The newspapers did not like how Frosch was reduced to a nobody, no good comedy/comedian there. And the end was too cynic for an operetta. With Adele back as a chamber maid and Eisenstein to jail and Rosalinde with her Alfredo having supee at Eisenstein home. Too cynic.

The Orlofsky was just someone from the opera ballett dressed up to be a nobleman from Russia. Adele was just a joke to the people at this "ball". This was supposed to be a more tradional Fledermaus but really it was still REGIE-Theater where the regisseur just impose his ideas to an opera/operetta.

Singing was good. They were not really good in dialogue, could not hear every word. Acting good. But this was an operetta without brio...

Thursday 20 September 2007

Off to Berlin, for a wedding and some operetta

A wedding and a christening on the same day.

So it is going to be like this. Thursday: Night bus to Oslo.
Friday: Flying to Berlin (not alone this time, this is family business) and in Berlin out in the KNEIPE. I'll bet I will be tired by then.
Saturday: First in CHURCH, and then PARTY.
Sunday: BRUNCH, boat sight-seeing and then Komische Oper Berlin with OPERETTA Fledermaus.
Monday: FREE, I guess that mean shopping but my mother might have other ideas.
Tuesday: Flight home and then bus whole way to my home and on Wednesday WORK.

Saturday 8 September 2007

Agnes Baltsa to sing in Hannover, September 15

Oper Hannover erfolgreich in der Spielzeit 2006/07 Theater im ZDFtheaterkanal

In 10 Tagen beginnt die neue Saison mit einem festlichen Eröffnungswochenende. Am 15. September ist die griechische Mezzosopranistin AgnesBaltsa der Stargast beim Festkonzert zugunsten der Stiftung Staatsoper Hannover. Am 16. September wird die Spielzeit offiziell eröffnet unter dem Motto "Es muss was Wunderbares sein ...". 24 Mitglieder des Opernensembles stellen gemeinsam mit dem Niedersächsischen Staatsorchester Ausschnitte aus dem Spielplan der neuen Saison vor.

Niedersächsische Staatstheater (Oper)
Opernplatz 1
Deutschland - 30195 Hannover
Telefon: +49/511/999900
Telefax: +49/511/99991999
Telefon: +49/511 /99991111
Telefax: +49/511/99992984
Mo. - Fr.: 10 - 19.30 Uhr
Sa.: 10 - 14 Uhr

Thursday 6 September 2007

Luciano Pavarotti dies...

From Reuters:
Pavarotti dies at 71
Thu Sep 6, 2007 1:45AM EDT
By Gilles Castonguay

MODENA, Italy (Reuters) - Italian opera star Luciano Pavarotti, hailed by many as the greatest tenor of his generation, died early on Thursday after a long battle with cancer, his manager Terri Robson said.

"The great tenor Luciano Pavarotti died today at 5 a.m. at his home in Modena," Robson said in a statement. He was 71.

"The Maestro fought a long, tough battle against the pancreatic cancer which eventually took his life.

"In fitting with the approach that characterized his life and work, he remained positive until finally succumbing to the last stages of his illness."

The rotund, black-bearded tenor known as "Big Luciano" helped bring opera to the masses and performed to vast stadium audiences round the world.

He shot to fame with a stand-in appearance at London's Covent Garden in 1963 and had soon had critics gushing about his voluminous voice.

His last public singing performance was at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Turin in February 2006.

In July last year, Pavarotti underwent surgery in New York for pancreatic cancer and retreated to his villa in Modena. He had to cancel his first planned public reappearance a few months later.

Pavarotti was taken to a hospital in Modena last month and treated for more than two weeks. He was released on August 25, and spent his final hours at home with family and friends nearby, the statement said.

Wednesday 5 September 2007

September woes

Sad month, it is getting colder. Dessi and Armiliato were going to Norway for La Boheme, but got sick. It is that kind of month. Cold and getting sick or almost sick. Had the performance in Oslo been better then I would have been happier.

Jose Cura, my fav tenor is going to sing Don Jose in Bucuresti, September 8th. AND I would so like to see him again in Bizet's Carmen. But no, my enemies time and money denies me that. I am also worried that my membership in Jose Cura Connexion, his official fanclub, will lapse. I was maybe too late in paying.

Agnes Baltsa, my fav mezzo, have two concerts, one in Vienna on September 13, but the one concert I am really interested in is in CHINA on September 27th "A tribute to Maria Callas". And I am not totally crazy, so I am NOT going.

But October will be OK, I just have to take care of myself and not getting sick.

October 17-20 Barcelona-Vienna
2007-10-17 Andrea Chenier (Giordano), Gran Teatre del Liceu (Barcelona)
Andrea Chenier = José Cura
Maddalena di Coigny = Deborah Voigt
Carlo Gérard = Carlos Álvarez
2007-10-19 Elektra (Strauss), Wiener Staatsoper
Klytämnestra = Agnes Baltsa
Elektra = Deborah Polaski
Chrysothemis = Silvana Dussmann

Totally forgot: will be in Berlin to be present at a wedding and a christening so I am going to see Die Fledermaus at Komische Oper Berlin.

More me at the opera in 2007, see my website.

Monday 3 September 2007

2007-09-01 La Boheme (G. Puccini), Den Norske Opera (Oslo)

Opera i 3 akter av Giacomo Puccini

Libretto: Luigi Illica og Giuseppe Giacosa
Fremføres på italiensk
Norske overtekster
Spilletid: ca. 2t 30min

Sesongpremiere: 29/8
Spilledager: 31/8, 1/9, 3/9, 17/9, 19/9

Musikalsk ledelse: Phillipe Auguin
Regi: Wilhelm Sandven

Scenografi: Herman Bendixen

Kostymer: Kari Andersen/ Herman Bendixen

Kormester: Steffen Kammler

Den Norske Operas kor
Den Norske Operas orkester

Standing ovation for what?

Must have been for Puccini and his opera. Not for this performance, not in my book anyway. Luca Canonici as Rodolfo was a disappointment, vocally and acting. Act 1 was a mess. Janne Berglund was too healthy to be Mimi. Act 1 meeting did not feel romantic. Act 2 was better but did not like the voice of Musetta. Act 3+4 was best. But I did not feel anything when Mimi died.

Even with a fever and almost no voice would Dessi/Armiliato had been better than this, and a standing ovation would have been very much in order.

2007-09-01 La Boheme (G. Puccini), Den Norske Opera (Oslo)

Mimi = Janne Berglund
Rodolfo = Luca Canonici
Marcello = Ole Jørgen Kristiansen
Musetta = Manon Strauss Evrard
Colline = Carsten Stabell
Schaunard = Paul Kong
Benoit = Ragnar Ulfung
Alcindoro = Markus Kvits
Parpingol = Arild Eriksen

Philippe Auguin, conductor