Tuesday 9 February 2016

Paris is next, I hope

I have been sick for over 2 weeks and I am still coughing. Now is the time to rid my body of the last of the infection. Cough the illness away! 

Trying to go work tomorrow. Il trovatore in Paris is my goal.

Monday 1 February 2016

January 17, 2016: Otello in Frankfurt

2016-01-17 Otello (Verdi), Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden

Otello = José Cura
Desdemona = Cristina Pasaroiu
Iago = Matias Tosi
Cassio = Aaron Cawley
Roderigo = Benedikt Nawrath
Lodovico = Young Doo Park
Emilia = Celeste Haworth
Montano = Nathaniel Webster
A Herald = Christian Balzer
Bianca = Rosa Alt

Leo McFall, conductor
Chor, Extrachor, Jugendchor & Statisterie des Hessischen Staatstheaters Wiesbaden, Hessisches Staatsorchester Wiesbaden

Director - Uwe Eric Laufenberg
Stage Designer - Gisbert Jäkel
Costume Designer - Jessica Karge
Lighting Designer - Andreas Frank
Chorus Master - Albert Horne
Dramaturgy - Regine Palma

Once again and it is Jose Cura as Otello. This time in Wiesbaden.

He was great and this time one could understand why Otello behave as he does because this time we have a Jago who you can see how other people could trust hime. He is a villain, no doubt about that and nothing good is in him.

A great cast. Amazing Otello, Desdemona and Jago. All the other roles was also well. And we have Bianca.

The person-regie was amazing, all the details was there. I really did not like all the sexing and alll that, men are are brutes, women are whores. So cheap to go that way. 

So some love and some meh!