Wednesday 27 August 2014

So much did not happen in August

I was going to see Carmen in Theatre Grec in Barcelona with Sergi Gimenez and I to Erl, Austria to see Jose Carreras as El Juez in Kolonits' new opera. That was how I was to use my 3rd and last week of Summer holiday. As I worried about how to get to Erl. All busses and train went to Kufstein... Then came the message the Barcelona OperAir Festival was cancelled due to severe technicsl problems.

Had I just made it two separate travels then I could just enjoy Barcelona and later take the trip to Erl. But my travel was OSL - BCN and then I would travel by train (that would have cost ca 300 Euro, and my hotel nights at least 300 Euro) then INN (Innsbruck)  - OSL. I mistrusted Erl and since on my May travel to Barcelona and Bilbao with Sergi in Carmen with piano and as an evening soaree, and El Juez with Carreras in Bilbao. I was tired after so many too hot days for being in Norway, and both Spain and Austria seemed to be even hotter. So the hot Summer days in Norway made me feeling quite cold about traveling. I wanted to rest beside I had seen EL JUEZ before. That decision made me save some money. Not that I got much from the airline when I cancelled, only 500-600 NOK did I get back, losing more than 2000 NOK. Most money was saved on not traveling by train from Barcelona to Austria and the staying home saved money as a hotel stay never does.