Wednesday 12 June 2013

After sickness, maybe health (Summer 2013)

So maybe I will get the hang of it. This new pain. I need to become great friends with food and eating. Naturally it has to be the right food and the right kind of eating. Would be just great if my appetite for food was as powerful as my appetite for opera. If I love planning meals as much as I love planning opera travels. If eating was as enjoyable as hearing my favorite singers singing my favorite operas.


I have ticket for my first visit to the LaScala opera in Milan: 2013-07-22 UN BALLO IN MASCHERA with Marcelo Alvarez. And so I am thinking about going to Arena di Verona for even more operas. Then I have ticket for Puccini Festival Torre del Lago CAV/Tabarro on August 10. Another first time.Maybe see more operas there too?

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Saturday 8 June 2013

It was an ALMOST. I almost got to see NABUCCO på Fredriksten Festning

Almost. I was discharged from the hospital. And I felt much better. And I had time to get a flight to Oslo and then to Halden to see NABUCCO. It almost worked. I came in time to the airport. The plane was delayed and so I realized... PAIN. It was there again. I tried to get myself to hospital again but no. I understand. My case was so in between home would be enough or hospital for enough pain relieve.

From my pain in Paris on May17th and till now. Pain has gone and come. I have been at work and had sick leave. I have been in hospital bed or on my sofa. Trying to ride it out, or something. I hope this is going to be better. I want to have a nice summer holiday without being acutely in pain. That would be nice.

So ODT had to cancel NABUCCO på Fredriksten Festning.

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