Friday 18 January 2008

ODT cancels travel to Zurich for Le Cid on January 19th

I decided not to go not because Jose Cura would not be Rodrigue. But because of my own health.

I still hope to go to Zurich to see Cura as Rodrigue. First possibilty is January 26th. But first I have an appointment with a doctor. Or maybe February 1. will be a possibility but then I would have to take one day away from work.

Le Cid in Zurich looks from the photos to be a beautiful productiom and from reviews also a successful one.

Hope against reason, maybe.....

Monday 14 January 2008

NEWS: Jose Cura's father has suddenly died, another tenor will sing Rodrigue on January 19


14/01/2008 - José Cura's web page is temporarely suspended in sign of mourning for the death of his father.

From Opernhaus Zurich website:

Le Cid - Massenet

mit deutscher Übertitelung
Unterstützt von der Georg und Bertha Schwyzer-Winiker-Stiftung
Isabelle Kabatu (Chiméne), Isabel Rey (L'infante); Jean-Pierre Furlan (Rodrigue), Andreas Hörl (Don Diège), Vladimir Stoyanov (Le Roi), Cheyne Davidson (Le Comte de Gormas), Tomasz Slawinski (St. Jacques), Kresimir Strazanac (1 envoyé Maure), Miroslav Christoff (Don Arias), Kresimir Strazanac (Don Alonzo)

Friday 11 January 2008

Baltsa in charity concert, Athens Monday 14. january 2008

Baltsa in charity concert

The lauded mezzo-soprano will perform on Monday.


Distinguished mezzo-soprano Agnes Baltsa will join forces with the Athens State Orchestra at the Athens Concert Hall on Monday, January 14. The concert, organized by the Kallipateira Pan-Hellenic Women’s Sports Society and the Institute of Immigration Policy (IMEPO), will feature highlights of the great vocalist’s long career. Under the baton of Nikos Athineos, the orchestra will meander its way from Verdi to Berlioz and from Rossini to Puccini.

The world-renowned Greek mezzo-soprano will give her performance for free, to support the joint cause of the two collaborating institutions, that is the foundation of the first Diagnostic and Prevention Clinic for Young Athletes at the Sotiria hospital.

“Culture means respect and care for those who are different,” said IMEPO president Alexandros Zavos. Yet culture also means music, which in this case is expressed through the personality of Baltsa. “Her voice will send our message to all those who have a vision for a better world.”

Athens Concert Hall, 1 Kokkali & Vas. Sofias, tel 210.728.2333.

Monday 7 January 2008

Looking forward to Zurich and Le Cid with Jose Cura

Last year (2007) was mostly good with just few regrets. I regret not going to Switzerland for Agnes Baltsa concert tour, money and time was the problem. A bit health issues, maybe too. But I did see two concerts in 2006 with AB in Vienna and Munich and the concerts in Switzerland was almost completely alike to 2006. So that makes it all right. And December is not the best month to travel and certainly not close to Christmas or New Year. In Oslo Airport there were big problems some with weather but the biggest problems was with luggage on Christmas eve. So it was great not to be traveling.

First opera live in 2008 will be Le Cid by Massenet in Zurich with José Cura as Rodrigue. Isabelle Kabatu and Isabel Rey will sing the female roles. January 19th, 2008. And I will be traveling the day before, that is great. Usually I travel the same day which can be tiresome. Going back to Norway the day after. I think this will be a great and soft start on the new year opera-wise.

Then next will be in February. More on that later...

2007 = 21 performances

My plans for 2008 (some dates and just planning or dreaming).

What am I doing just now? Listening to my IPOD, José Cura sings Te extrano (from the Boleros CD). But yesterday I did a lot on my PC mostly on ITUNES making things better . I am a librarian afterall so I did try to make my ITUNES library perfect. So much music and making everything with the right titles and artists... Love my IPOD. My IPOD is also new from 2007 and now I can't live without it:-)