Thursday 31 December 2015

Happy New Year to all!

For most people Christmas is now over and New Year is beginning.

For me is Christmas is mostly about the possibility to take a holiday from work and to eat Christmas food, Norwegian Christmas food. Juleribbe!!!

The how-to-make a great Juleribbe (in Norwegian)

In Norway Christmas does not have much to do with Christ or Mass, but still we often go to Church on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We get our presents on Christmas Eve in Norway. I asked not to get presents and I almost got my Wish. I met with family on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day and that was nice even if it meant staying in a hotel because their houses were already filled with closer relatives. Still on 2nd Day Christmas which is just as free but less holy than Christmas (1st) Day I traveled back home and on 4th of Christmas I celebrated my birthday alone and that was nice and quiet.

And now it is last day of 2015, at least it is so in Norway! The fireworks started already at 8pm.


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