Saturday 28 April 2012

A frustrating day, and no Macbeth for me.

It started so well. On Friday I was in hospital for my Remicade treatment. It went well. I felt well enough to take the night bus to Oslo. And I even slept well in the bus. Then it was airport bus to Gardermoen airport. My Swiss flight was 0945 and I was in the airport 0615. If I had no luggage I could just have gone through security at once. But I had to wait until 0745 when Swiss opens. So I waited and then my luggage was ready all the way to Nice. Security line was long, but 11 minutes went fast. Then I bought a French parleur book. Later I bought Pepsi Max and Pizza Vegetar. Then there was a wait at Gate 44 and our plane came late but soon we were ready for boarding.

But why was we allowed into the plane and our luggage when they must have known they had troubles. Why not wait with boarding until the technical problems was sorted out? No, we sat in the plane for longer than a hour. That was not the worst part. The worst part was that is was more important that the Business Class was taken care of first, and last the Economy Class. They should have sorted us by to Zurich only, and transfers to different places. It would have made sense and made the work easier for the "Swiss". But it was chaotic from the moment we left the plane we were not sure where to go. And then only one person to take care of 150-200 persons. What is Swiss, an amateur airline, or what? My back was hurting from waiting more than 2 hours to be helped. It was hell. Annoying. Finally my iphone came with an sms from Swiss I was rebooked via Copenhagen to to Nice. 1355 from Oslo, and in Nice 1835. I was happy. So happy until reality set in, I would not be able to be at Monte Carlo Opera to see Macbeth with Maria Guleghina as Lady Macbeth. I would be late.

To see Maria Guleghina as Lady Macbeth live on stage is a dream that thought Monte Carlo would give me, but SWISS failed me.

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Sunday 15 April 2012

Brava, Elena Nebera! (Sogndal 2012-04-15)

2012-04-15 Strauss/Wagner, Sogndal Kulturhus

Elena Nebera, soprano
Jørgen Halstein Moe, baritone

Michael Pavelich, conductor
Opera Nordfjord


Richard Wagner (1813-1883)

Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg - Vorspiel


Tannhäuser - O, du mein holder Abendstern

Trond Halstein Moe

Tannhäuser - Dich, teure Halle

Elena Nebera

Der Fliegende Holländer - Wie aus der Ferne

Trond Halstein Moe, Elena Nebera

Götterdämmerung - Siegrieds Trauermarch


Die Walküre - Wotan Abschied

Trond Halstein Moe


Richard Strauss (1864-1949)

Rosenkavalier suite, op. 59


Vier letzte Lieder (Frühling, September, Beim Schlafengehen, Im Abendrot)

Elena Nebera

In stead of Norwegian Soprano Turid Karlsen we got Elena Nebera, a wonderful Russian Soprano.

Elena Nebera was just a wonderful revelation. Passionate and always involved with the words and the drama. Her voice rides easilly above the orchestra. She has a very dark timbre in her voice. Her voice seemed to be to big for our little sale especially in the Last 4 songs by Richard Strauss. Dich teure Halle from Tannhäuser was just amazing, wonderful. It was worth going just for that. And then the love duet from The Flying Dutchman, wonderful.

Trond Halstein Moe disappointed me in Wolframs aria from Tannhäuser. Then came Elena Nebera and saved it. But appart from the first aria Trond Halstein Moe was wonderful. He read the Norwegian translation of Wotans farewell from Die Walküre before he sang it so that we should understand the text and he did the same for Strauss' Vier letzte Lieder.

Michael Pavelich and the orchestra of Opera Nordfjord was just wonderful. No extra numbers because several members needed to travel to other places like Sweden. The work of a musician is hard.


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Saturday 14 April 2012


Zarzuela Completa

Don Juan: JOSÉ Maria MAIZA

Coro de Cámara del Orfón Donostiarra, Director: JUAN GOROSTIDI
Orquesta Sinfónico, Director: ATAÚLFO ARGENTA

Novoson SL 2009 CDNS-486  Libretto

EL BARBERILLO DE LAVAPIES - Preludio - Dicen que en el Pardo 6:34 Chorus, Gerardo Monreal 1 av 12
EL BARBERILLO DE LAVAPIES - Como nací en la calle de la Paloma 2:52 Teresa Berganza 2 av 12
EL BARBERILLO DE LAVAPIES - Este es el sitio frente a la ventana 5:31 Ana María Olaria, José Maria Maiza, Carlos Munguía 3 av 12
EL BARBERILLO DE LAVAPIES - Lamparilla 7:04 Teresa Berganza, Gerardo Monreal, Ana María Olaria 4 av 12
EL BARBERILLO DE LAVAPIES - Preludio 2 - Aquí está la ronda 5:02 Chorus, Gerardo Monreal 5 av 12
EL BARBERILLO DE LAVAPIES - En una casa solariega 4:20 Carlos Munguía, Ana María Olaria 6 av 12
EL BARBERILLO DE LAVAPIES - Una mujer que queire ver a un barbero - No hay que quitar los hilvanes 5:56 Teresa Berganza, Gerardo Monreal 7 av 12
EL BARBERILLO DE LAVAPIES - En el Templo de Marte vive Cupido 2:14 Chorus, Gerardo Monreal 8 av 12
EL BARBERILLO DE LAVAPIES - Preludio 3 - El noble gremio de costureras 6:18 Chorus, Teresa Berganza 9 av 12
EL BARBERILLO DE LAVAPIES - Aquí estoy: Ya vestida 4:04 Ana María Olaria, Teresa Berganza 10 av 12
EL BARBERILLO DE LAVAPIES - El sombrero hasta las cejas 2:47 Gerardo Monreal, Carlos Munguía, Teresa Berganza, Ana María Olaria 11 av 12
EL BARBERILLO DE LAVAPIES - En entrando una maja en San Lorenzo... 2:13 Chorus 12 av 12

A wonderful recording full of wonderful singing by the greatest Spanish singers.

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Drama Lírico en Tres Actos, en Verso

Marcos Zapata / Pedro Miguel Marqués

Margarita: TERESA BERGANZA (Soprano)
William: MANUEL AUSENSI (Baritono)
Rodolfo: CARLOS MUNGUÍA (Tenor)
Tiburón: GERARDO MONREAL (Tenor Cómico)

Coro Cantores de Madrid, Director: JOSÉ PERERA
Maestro Concertador: JULIÁN PERERA
Gran Orquestra Sinfónico, Director BENITO LAURET

Novoson SL 2011 CDNS - 228  Libretto

Acto I: 1. Preludio. 2. Coro de introducción “Tranquilo está el cielo, serena la mar”, plegaria y stretta “Venid, venid, bogad, bogad”. 3. Romanza de Margarita “Pasión del alma mía”. 4. Dúo de Rodolfo y Margarita “Negra noche es mi pasado”. 5. Quinteto “Tal infamia, tal deshonra”. Acto II: 6. Introducción, coro “Habla presto, nada temas”, y coplas de Tiburón “El sol se despedía”. 7. Dúo de Ledia y Tiburón “Eres tu Ledia mía”. 8. Dúo de Margarita y William “Llorando y por culpa mía”. 9. Barcarola “Yo no salgo de mi asombro”, concertante “En las flores más hermosas” y escena. Acto III: 10. Preludio. 11. Romanza de Margarita “Lagrimas mías”, Escena y tempestad “La vista se me nubla, sufrir no puedo más”. 12. Final orquestal.

En la versión discográfica se omiten los números 7, 10 y 12 y la segunda parte del 11, y se hace partir el Acto II del número 5.

Los principales son:
Margarita: Hija del conde William, enamorada de Rodolfo. Soprano.William Belfort: Conde, con un secreto que le atormenta. Barítono. Rodolfo: Supuesto pescador y enamorado de Margarita. Tenor Rutilio Walter: Barón que chantajea al conde para conseguir a Margarita. Bajo. Ermitaño: “Desfacedor” de entuertos. Bajo. Tiburón: Compañero de Rodolfo. Tenor cómico. Ledia. Aya de Margarita. Tiple Notario. Barítono.
 I recommend this recording. Teresa Berganza is wonderful as Margarita, Manuel Ausensi is great as her father count William. Carlos Munguia is wonderful as Rodolfo, Margaritas love interest.

EL ANILLO DE HIERRO - Preludio 6:29 Conductor Benito Lauret 1 av 9
EL ANILLO DE HIERRO - Tranquilo está el cielo 3:30 Chorus 2 av 9
EL ANILLO DE HIERRO - Pasión del alma mía 5:30 Teresa Berganza 3 av 9
EL ANILLO DE HIERRO - Negra noche es mi pasado 8:08 Carlos Munguía, Teresa Berganza 4 av 9
EL ANILLO DE HIERRO - Tal infamia, tal deshonra 6:03 Manuel Ausensi, Teresa Berganza, José Luis Cancela, Carlos Munguia, Sigfredo Videras 5 av 9
EL ANILLO DE HIERRO - Habla presto, nada temas 4:28 Chorus, Gerardo Monreal  6 av 9
EL ANILLO DE HIERRO - Llorando y por culpa mía 5:18 Teresa Berganza, Manuel Ausensi 7 av 9
EL ANILLO DE HIERRO - Yo no salgo de mi asombro (Barcarola, Concertante Y Escena) 7:01 Chorus, Teresa Berganza, Manuel Ausensi, Carlos Munguia, José Luis Cancela 8 av 9
EL ANILLO DE HIERRO - Lágrimas mías ¿en dónde estáis? 3:38 Teresa Berganza 9 av 9

2 great arias

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