Sunday 2 July 2023

London, July 1, 2023

What a Day! It is Pride Parade in London. Lovely, except I did not see the Parade, I saw some haters that were already there with big placates pretending doing God’s work. Luckily more people were excitedly waiting for the parade to come their way.

 I was just hurrying to get through and get my old pounds changed to new pounds, they were still Queen Elizabeth 2. It was Coronation Year because now we have King Charles of England. Elizabeth 1 was a great Queen as were Elizabeth 2. Two Elizabethan times. 

I found the post office and then I was traveling again to my hotel. Not the best choice of hotel, I should have chosen Strand Palace Hotel instead I chose something cheaper.

I came to my hotel hoping that they would be able to give me a room soon. But no, I had to wait 2 hours. They allowed me to sit in a chair reloading my phone. 

I was tired after the night bus, the early flight, minimal sleep, my back was hurting, the train from Gatwick airport was absolutely cramped with people, sweating on the slowest train ever. Then finally in London Victoria and so on.

In no way to be able to properly rest up myself in hotel room, I was just using time off until it was time to travel to Covent Garden. The idea that it would take only 30 minutes was of course, a lie. I don’t walk that fast even if the trains was swift. I was lucky enough to get a seat at La Ballerina restaurant near The Royal Opera House and they gave my the pizza margherita quickly and so I hastily eate since it was less than an hour before the opera Werther started.

Jonas Kaufmann, the reason I changed my flight so that I would be able to see him as Werther, was sick, so Francesco Demuro was singing instead. Worse still, I had booked a seat at the 5. Balcony. The view was magnificent, my fear of heights was crushing me.

First Act begins and I realize I have seen this one before with Kaufmann and Sophie Koch. This is what I called the French version, it is on DVD, I think. The Charlotte is great, Demuro has good stuff.

I want to leave so badly that at the intermission I get my stuff. I tell the lady there that I have fear of heights and so I must leave. She says that I can another women there. I do so. I get help in getting a seat in a lower part of the house so I got there and got the 2. Act, too.

So nice, but I really feel I must away. The next 2 acts will be played together. It is the last intermission and I am not feeling well. Plus Francesco Demuro has failed to impress me in Act 2. His voice sounds tired in my ears, but maybe it was just me who was definitely tired.

I bought something to drink at Sainsbury and then I was home as the opera was slowly ending at the House.

I have seen Werther onstage before, I knew what happens. It was no grave loss. The Charlotte was amazing, but unfortunately it was not my day.

A lot of people enjoyed this day in London, they saw, participated in the Pride Parade.

A cheers to happy love story and avoid the fate of Werther (unhappy love, suicide)!!!



Music Director

Sir Antonio Pappano

Director of Opera

Oliver Mears

A Co-production with Opéra national de Paris

Supported by Rolex

The position of Music Director Maestro Antonio Pappano is generously supported by Mrs Susan A. Olde OBE

Generous philanthropic support from Julia and Hans Rausing, Alan and Caroline Howard, Aud Jebsen, Beth Madison, John McGinn and Cary Davis, Martin and Jane Houston and Rena and Sandro Lavery

The role of Werther is underwritten by Mercedes T. Bass

The role of Werther is supported by The Lady Slynn of Hadley

The role of Sophie is supported by The Kiri Te Kanawa Foundation

The role of Charlotte is supported byJohn G. Turner and Jerry G. Fischer 

The Youth Opera Company is supported by Yvonne And Bjarne Rieber and The Peters Family Foundation Cio

With additional generous philanthropic support from Spindrift Al Swaidi


This revival is dedicated to the memory of 
Christian Gasc (1946–2022)



01.07.2023 7:15 PM

The 52nd performance by The Royal Opera at the Royal Opera House.


The performance lasts about 3 hours 10 minutes, including two intervals.
Act I
45 minutes
25 minutes
Act II
35 minutes
25 minutes
Acts III and IV
60 minutes


Suitable for ages 8+

This production contains stylised depictions of suicide.


Jules Massenet
Édouard Blau, Paul Milliet and Georges Hartmann after Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Benoît Jacquot
Revival Director
Geneviéve Dufour
Set Designer
Charles Edwards
Costume Designer
Christian Gasc
Lighting Designer
Charles Edwards


Conducted by
Antonio Pappano
The Bailli
Alastair Miles
James Cleverton
Christophe Mortagne
Sarah Gilford
Francesco Demuro replaces Jonas Kaufmann
Aigul Akhmetshina
Dawid Kimberg
Gabrielė Kupšytė
Gordon Bintner
Orchestra of the Royal Opera House
Guest Concert Master
Magnus Johnston

Gabrielė Kupšytė is a Jette Parker Artist

Actors Fiona Eagle, Rebecca Hunt, Basil Patton, Vidal Sancho, Rosy Sanders

Children Josh Bortoloso, Nicolai Flutter, Liliana Kapinos, Holly Keefe, Raphy Laming, Mireille Larocque, Anastasia Meani, Arinzé Obi, Hope Shotton Offstage children from the Youth Opera Company

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