Friday 10 August 2012

Why not just tell the truth?

Why not just tell the truth?

Another loss for the truth. A Kon-Tiki movie where the Truth lost forArtistic reason. It just costed the reputation of a dead man. But it matters not because it is just a movie and the "real" hero is still Thor Heyerdahl, Norwegian. His second in command was made into a weakling. The Artistic Reason was more the choice to have an actor who looked nothing like the real man and then any movie needs a fake problem. The man who wrote the script finds it completely ok that the directors just changed the story from historic accurate to fake and still calls it KON-TIKI.

And it is just the latest loss. It keeps happening because people and even"experts" finds it ok. Why should movies and novels be truthful? Truthiness is enough, they said. No wonder we keep getting stupider.

The Google cannot help us because we need real knowledge to deciffre correct from wrong, fake from real. Most reality shows are more fake than real. No longer can we trust even documentaries. The film-makers don't think we need to know real from fake. But we do.

Do people do their own research? Do they double-check? Do they inquire if the person has a motive, often monetary, to say those things they do? Are they truthful researcher and just paid hands? How free are the film-makers, or do the producers and owners decide what can and cannot be told? Dare they be unpopular if they have the truth? Cowards!!!

Can we allow the truth to die, must truthiness win? Coward all us who do not fight for the truth whatevet it is. We only for our own "truth". We don't even do our own research to find out if our truth is real.

We can change. If we wants to. If we are willing to work hard for change.

We can do better than this.

Yes, we can.