Monday, 28 September 2009

You've got to be carefully taught

Listen to Mandy Patinkin singing You've got to be carefully taught from South Pacific. But is it true that one has to be taught before one are 7 or 8 to hate all the people your relatives hate. Yes and no. We all carry our biases deep inside but naturally if you are taught from a young age to distrust etc all people that are not White or that gays/LBGT are disgusting, then you will most likely believe it as an adult. But we have more than family as sources of bias: TV, radio, books, newspapers, even school can give us more bias against other people that are different from us. And sometimes we even can have strong bias against our own kind. BUT. In reality there are only one, THE HUMAN KIND. Still, prejudice die hard, just like bad habits. Good habits, on the other side, has to be maintained all the time.

Now don't forget to
LOVE not hate
FORGIVE not avenge (revenge)
LISTEN not shout
UNDERSTAND not impose your own opinion before you learn, understand the other person
RESPECT the weak part not just the strong part

the TRUTH are more than not to lie. To tell the truth is an active doing, to not tell a lie is just a passive thing.

But back to Mandy Patinkin, Criminal Minds' Jason Gideon. Profiling of serial killers are that science or just bias set in "science". Not all single men who bedwet as children becomes murderers, do they?

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