Monday, 4 January 2010

OD Travel and Living

I have changed the title of my blog to OperaDuets Travel and Living. A name change that will mean that I will have more posts about my life in Norway filed under the tag LIVING. I will still have NEWS, of course. And of course posts about my opera travels and opera reviews.

And now I have a story about Travel in Norway in winter.

My First Travel in the New Year. Not an opera travel but still...

Uneventful travel from my parents' home to Oslo. No night bus for me but a flight. So Oslo meant Oslo Gardermoen airport. Easy, lots of people, but still no stress, really. I found a machine to get a baggage tag and boarding card. Not necessary to have a boarding card really, but I like the security in it. The security or risk may be imagined but still enough for me. The long security line. Always thinking, I am in the wrong line. I often find myself in the slowest one. But I have TIME. Everything is OK. I have TIME, now I need somewhere to sit. Found it 3 times. Luxury to sit when it is so full packed with people.

I find myself sitting at my gate. It is later than the boarding time on my boarding card but only a few minutes. And then we are in. The plane is heading to Western Norway where it is not very good weather, it is snowing heavily. Yep, seem impossible to the people who are going to the second airport. I am confident, I am only going to the first one. The plane will land there. But the plane get into the landing circles. And 20/30 minutes after we should have landed it is clear that another airport will be our landing spot and we will get buses to our original destinations. A 2 hours bus ride, they say.

But we are in Western Norway now and the snow have made the roads slippery. And then the bus is getting really close even as slow as it must go when the electric things makes the bus loose its pulling power. 3 times it happens and every time the driver must shut down electricity and start 30/60 seconds later.

0020 I am home. 3 hrs later than hoped for. But it is 5 hrs earlier than with night bus, but of course that bus could have had even bigger trouble going over mountains as it does.

SO it was a Happy Ending.

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