Thursday, 4 March 2010

Black and white voices

Are there only 2 colors, black and white? There are many colors, although not like in the children's song of Yellow, Red, Black and Brown. And what color is white anyway. The default color is white, or Pink...

But on the inside we are alike? Yes, if we are thinking about the essentials. What are the essentials for all beings? First essential is Survival: food etc. 2nd essentials where we are not only surviving but having a life worth living: Love, Respect. But from there on we are different, different cultures gives different answers to the what the essentials are when we are more than surviving.

So the children's song was right but at the same time wrong.

What does it all have to do with opera, you might ask. First question, the one about color, is the question of racism in the opera world and of portrayals of people of color. The 2nd question is about Regie, understanding the world the protagonists is living in and to give that understand to the audience.

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